We're All About Tarot And The Mystical Realm

Tarot Is About Life

The ups, the downs, the twists and turns … Very much like a rollercoaster ride.

There are challenges, obstacles. Sometimes things seem to fall into place almost naturally or miraculously. Other times there are struggles … and perhaps never achieving that which you believe is so very important. Maybe it’s not meant to be or you need to learn or experience things before you’re ready for that special thing.

I suppose Tarot does give answers. For me it is more guidance. Or I’m seeking guidance more than direct answers. I prefer to look at different possibilities at times … And, yes, there are times I want a direct answer. 

Life is to be experienced and charished … Tarot helps us on our journey …

Select The Tarot Deck That Is Right For You

There Are So Very Many Choices

Most Tarot Experts suggest the Rider-Waite Deck. I would recommend it too … But I would also suggest you select a Tarot Deck you really like and will use regularly as you’re learning. It’s important that you use the cards regularly as you’re starting out. The best way I believe to do that is to select a deck that you like and will look forward to using.

I would also suggest you select a Tarot Deck that follows the Rider-Waite system. It will be helpful as you journey forward with books and YouTube Videos. I love YouTube and have learned so very much from many Tarot Instructional Videos.

And, you may find it necessary to have a mentor who offers courses as you delve further in your Tarot study.

Experience Tarot of Haunted House

Sasha Graham’s Tarot of Haunted House truly captured my imagination with the Major Arcana being the various archtypes who haunt the mansion … and perhaps your life … Experience each twist and turn as you reveal each card in your reading … 

I believe this Tarot Deck will enrich your life as you delve deeper into the mysteries of this haunted house … 

Remember you are the key … along with Raven Wandsworth and the whole cast of characters who play a role in your personal life as well as in the lives of others for whom you reading.

I love this Tarot Deck and hope you will too as you work with the cards one at a time and truly feel the essence of this wonderful Tarot deck.

Everyday Witch Tarot

This Tarot deck began my collection of Tarot cards and my study of Tarot.

There are Tarot decks that feel right … You know you have to have it and want to use it regularly. This is such a Tarot deck for me … I love the artwork and the cats … I’m always looking to see what the cats are doing … They are very much a factor in my readings … Even when they seem to be just a cat doing cat stuff … or does it delve deeper …

I do love Tarot and the Everyday Witch is very much a part of the reason why.

Click the button below to get more information or purchase it.

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