I’m All In With Learning Keywords To Relate To Each Tarot Card . . .

They have to make sense and they should relate to the image on the card. We can look at a picture and be drawn to different elements within the image, Something may draw our attention because it is an unusual color or it seems out of place or you just like it and feel drawn to it. Others will have no clue as to what you’re getting so excited about — thus our perceptions at times can be very subjective. That makes them neither correct nor incorrect — they are your perceptions. That’s the beauty of keywords, there is no fast and hard rule definition — it flows into many different facets of meaning. It is vast going in all directions but with a common link.

The basic keywords for the Minor Arcana are quite good in getting a feel of the ups and downs life goes through . . .

Ace — New Concept — A new venture or idea

Two — -Choice — Decide whether to go for it or not

Three — Creativity — Planning

Four — Stability — Everything is in place working out well

Five — Change — Either something changes or you need to make a change

Six — Perseverance — You’ve worked it through or in the process of setting¬† things back on track

Seven — Confidence — You overcame the obstacles

Eight –Advancement — Continue moving forward in your venture

Nine — Attainment — Reached your goal

Ten — Completion — Reached the end

Page — New Paths

Knight — Action

Queen — Patience

King — Knowledge



Then We Look At The Suit Of Swords And Some Seem Not To Fit As Well As Others

Innovation, New Strategy, New Focus

Equilibrium, Stalemate, Unsure Direction

Fresh Insight, Exploring Options, Blending Of Ideas

Monitored, Observed, Stillness

Adjustment, Disruption, A Challenge

Resolution, Resolved Issue, Evaluation

Improvising, Breaking The Rules, Take A Chance

Immobile, Self Limitations, Inner Vision

Realization, Complete Understand, Seeing Clearly

Closure, At Peace, Completed Cycle

Scholarship, Preparation, Readiness

Movement, Surefooted Advancement, Alignment

Tolerance, Compassionate Judgment, Influential

Proficient, Impartial, All Seeing

With the Swords we have a bit of a different story. 

We start out with a new concept or revelation. No decision is made regarding moving forward on the project — stalemate, limited options. Third is a fresh insight, exploring options, and improvising, Four brings monitored, planned, stillness. Fives bring disruption, resistance, and adjustments.

Six brings resolution, resolved issues, and strategy. Seven is breaking the rules, taking a chance, and improvising. Eight brings self-limitations, immobility, and inner vision. Nine brings realization, an epiphany, an awareness. Ten is closure, the end of a cycle, transition, and reflection.

The Page is decided, in readiness, and starting out. The Knight is rational action, logical, swift but planned action. The Queen is tolerant, compassionate judgment, and influential. The King is Proficient, Impartial, all-seeing.

It’s Important To Remember That Swords Are An Air Sign And Also Associated With The Mind — Thought

It’s Good To Think In Those Terms As You Study The Cards And Decide What Keywords Or Phrases Work Best For You.

Every one reads the Tarot cards differently — even when using the same spread — the positions may look the same, but they have a different purpose. We may interpret a card a bit differently or have a different perspective when it is next or between two somewhat opposing cards. The whole spread is taken into consideration and evaluated . . . however that materializes.

I’m always interested to see and hear how others read and interpret the Tarot. I can’t say I’m either in agreement or disagreement with them. I can just say they may look at things differently and bring up points I never considered. That is the beauty of Tarot. From time to time, you’ll notice something different on a spread you may have done weeks or months earlier. That’s why it is a good idea to keep a journal.

Over time your keywords may evolve into other keywords. I gave you three for each card to let you know the different directions these cards can go in understanding them. There’s not just one word and that is it — it is fluid with nuances associated with each one.

Be sure to sit quietly with your Tarot deck and study each card in the suit of Swords. Get a very clear picture in your mind of what you are seeing in each card — no hidden messages, just the broad picture of what is happening in this particular card and then move on to the next one. Use a guidebook if necessary to help you understand what you’re seeing. Hopefully, your Tarot deck came with a comprehensive guidebook as opposed to the little white booklet — but that is better than nothing.


Use Your Study/Practice Time Productively — Relax And Enjoy Yourself!

Watch YouTube videos, read other Tarot blogs, and spend time with your Tarot deck collection. I want to spend more time with one of my Tarot decks. I don’t use it very much because it is a bit large and difficult for me to handle and shuffle. I have to divide it into two halves and work with half at a time. This is really no big deal because I love that Tarot deck. Sometimes with a different deck, we may receive insight into a card meaning that may have alluded to us. This is always fun.

That’s about all I have to say on the suit of Swords and Tarot in general. I will be doing the same as I did here with one of the other three suits and then address them separately before moving on to the Major Arcana.

I do thank you for stopping by! I hope this was helpful. You are always welcome to leave me a comment below.


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