I Suppose Everyone Has A Theory As To The Best Way To Learn And Remember The Meaning Of Each And Every Tarot Card.

The best approach is the one that works for you. I know people who will write keywords on a deck of Tarot cards. That is an approach that works. You can also buy Tarot cards with the meanings printed on them. This reminds me of the old-school flashcard method. It is a great tool. 

As I said, the best approach is the one that works for you. I know many people choose a Tarot deck they like and will turn to it every day for their training and learning. I believe this is extremely important. We do need to practice daily and perhaps at odd times when we have a quiet moment to go through what we have learned. It is important to have this constant reinforcement.

Of all the great Tarot personalities on YouTube, I found Vincent Pitisci’s method to be the best one that has worked for me. What I especially like about it is that he has selected keywords for each card, plus gives 20 more from which to gain a better understanding of the meaning of a card. I have used many of his main keywords, but some don’t seem to resonate with me and I’ve chosen others. You can do the same.

Let’s Begin With The Major Arcana Cards — There Are 22 Of Them Numbered From 0 To 21

One exercise I started with was first remembering these 22 cards. Since they are picture cards and have specific names it is easy to practice them going forwards and then backward. Not that you need to learn them backward — It was just something fun I liked doing.

Above you will notice how I have three of Vincent Pitisci’s books displayed. You can purchase them, or not. You can also go to YouTube and watch his videos. That may work well for you. The goal is to learn the card’s meanings. However you do it, is best for you.

0  The Fool  — Believing

1  The Magician  —  Awareness

2  The High Priestess  —  Mystery

3  The Empress  —  Creativity

4  The Emperor  —  Leadership

5  The Hierophant  —  Spiritual Guidance

6  The Lovers  —  Duality

7  The Chariot  —  Ability

8  Strength  —  Mind and Body

9  The Hermit  —  Inner Searching

10 The Wheel Of Fortune  —  Evolvement

11 Justice  —  Truth

12 The Hanged Man  —  Sacrifice

13 Death  —  Transition

14 Temperance  —  Inspiration

15 The Devil  —  False Truths

16 The Tower  —  Disruption

17 The Star  —  Direction

18 The Moon  —  Mysterious Paths

19 The Sun  —  Nurturing

20 Judgement  —  New Awareness

21 The World  —  Perfect Balance

It does help to have the cards either laid out before you or take them out one by one — say the name and the keyword associated with it. It is also worthwhile to look at the guidebook that comes with your Tarot deck and see if there are descriptions that work better for you. Thus, you can change the keywords to a degree whereby they are more meaningful and easier for you to remember.

Once you learn them in order, you can shuffle the Major Arcana cards and test your recall without looking at the title of the card. It is important to see them as old friends and the meanings are to a degree like their personality.

Let’s Delve Into The Minor Arcana . . . There Are Four Suits: Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles

Swords  —  Thought

Cups  —  Emotion

Wands  —  The Spirit

Pentacles  —  The Physical/Material

There is a particular pattern to the numbered cards Ace through Ten — it shows the ups and downs of life. Learn this pattern and the meanings will make so very much more sense.

As I was going through my various decks, I came across Wizard’s Tarot and how it was laid out. Usually, the cards go through a suit, but this one had all the aces together, twos, and so on. It was an interesting comparison for me to see and one I wanted to introduce here in this lesson.

Vincent Pitisici gives a keyword for all the Minor Arcana cards. I’ll begin with that keyword and then add his main keyword that goes with the particular suit.

Aces  —  New Concept

  Ace of Swords  —  Innovation

  Ace of Cups —  Awareness

  Ace of Wands  —  Revelation

 Ace of Pentacles  —  Discovery

Twos  —  Choice

 Two of Swords  —  Equilibrium

 Two of Cups  —  Opportunity

 Two of Wands  —  Embraces

 Two of Pentacles  —  Response

Threes  —  Creativity

 Three of Swords  —  Manifest

 Three of Sups  —  Conception

 Three of Wands  —  Substance

 Three of Pentacles  —  Variation

Fours  — Stability

 Four of Swords  —  Belonging

 Four of Cups  —  Patterns

 Four of Wands  —  Procedures

 Four of Pentacles  —  Grounded

Fives  —  Change

 Five of Swords  —  Adjustment

 Five of Cups  —  Reversal

 Five of Wands  —  Stimulation

 Five of Pentacles  —  Shifting

Sixes  —  Perserverance

 Six of Swords  —  Resolution

 Six of Cups  —  Prevailing

 Six of Wands  —  Established

 Six of Pentacles  —  Unwavering

Sevens  —  Confidence

 Seven of Swords  —  Spirit

 Seven of Cups  —  Viligance

 Seven of Wands  —  Intense

 Seven of Pentacles  —  Absolute

Eights  —  Advancement

 Eight of Swords  —  Betterment

 Eight of Cups  —  Strengthened

 Eight of Wands  —  Undeviating

 Eight of Pentacles  —  Unrestrained

Nines  —  Attainment

 Nine of Swords  —  Realization

 Nine of Cups  —  Aspiration

 Nine of Wands  —  Extending

 Nine of Pentacles  —  Ownership

Tens  — Completion

 Ten of Swords  —  Closure

 Ten of Cups  —  Fulfillment

 Ten of Wands —  Adeptness

 Ten of Pentacles  —  Bliss

Pages  —  New Path

 Page of Swords  —  Scholarship

 Page of Cups  —  Pilgrimage

 Page of Wands  —  Phases

 Page of Pentacles  —  Initiation

Knights  — Action

 Kight of Swords  —  Movement

 Knight of Cups  —  Activity

 Knight of Wands  —  Expression

 Knight of Pentacles  —  Involvement

Queens  —  Patience

 Queen of Swords  —  Tolerance

 Queen of Cups  —  Understanding

 Queen of Wands  —  Diplomacy

 Queen of Pentacles  —  Distinction

Kings  —  Knowledge

 King of Swords  —  Proficient

 King of Cups  —  Insight

 King of Wands  —  Influence

 King of Pentacles  —  Rulership



Oh My Goodness! We Did Get Through All That . . . 

Do you see the pattern?

Is this beginning to make sense to you?

It is good to have a Tarot deck and to use it regularly as you’re studying the Tarot. I don’t know if this is such a good idea, but I remember reading in one of Vincent Pitisici’s books that once you learn these keywords, you can read any deck of Tarot cards . . . So, at some point it may be fun to get out another deck of Tarot cards and see if Vincent’s theory holds true . . . Or you may have a bit more work to do.

As always, do what seems best for you. You know how you learn best.

I do thank you for stopping by. I hope this was informative and beneficial to you. If so, please leave me a comment or tell a friend or two.


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