Wow! Ghoulish, Terror, and Garb — Where’s Halloween?

Your Favorite Halloween and Horror Characters Come To Life! Embodied in the artistry of the traditional Rider-Smith-Waite tarot deck, this Major Arcana deck brings forth a vivid, spine-chilling interpretation of each card, reimagining every symbolic element from the depths of the grave.


Meticulously designed, hand-drawn, and brought to life with haunting colors, these 22 reversible cards, edged in darkness, deliver a sensory experience akin to the touch of a rose petal.


Here, iconic Halloween and horror characters such as Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Headless Horseman, Medusa, and more find their immortal essence captured. Immerse yourself in this macabre tapestry, where the realms of Greek Mythology and Gothic Literature intertwine.

Let’s Take A Look To See What’s In The Box

I’m sure there is special work Tarot practitioners do with Major Arcana Tarot Decks . . .

I’m currently out of the loop 🙂 but I do like this Tarot Deck and I could see the value of using it to focus on learning the meanings of the Major Arcana cards. I need practice and a fun attractive deck helps in getting the needed time in to work and focus.

I do hope this was helpful — it was quite short . . . Please click the image to the right to learn more information and to place your order.

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