Feeling A Kinship To The Tarot Cards Is Essential . . .

Of course, we have our favorite Tarot decks. Some of us trade off from season to season or grab what suits our mood best. Maybe a particular deck gives you something you’re seeking — whatever that may be. It reminds me of a description of a Tarot deck I reviewed recently stating it tells you what you need to hear — not what you want to hear . . . This makes me wonder why consult the Tarot if you’re not seeking guidance . . . Perhaps it has to do with how your question is phrased. Or, perhaps you need confirmation you’re moving forward in the correct direction.

We do need to feel confident that the question we ask, the cards we select, and the interpretation of those cards and their inter-relationships blend in an accurate response that addresses the question posed.

I was browsing YouTube this morning and came across a video by the wife of Lisa Papez. As I remember, months or longer ago, Peggy was having difficulty getting into Tarot — she was selecting different card decks, but for some reason, the card meanings were eluding her. I was experiencing some trouble spots as well. Well, here we are, fast-forward today when the whole concept of Tarot and card reading make sense and have come together. I don’t know Peggy’s story, but for me, it just came together for me — sometimes we have to get out of our own way and just be . . .

I’ll include Peggy’s reading video below. And, as I said in a previous post, I was listening to several different people with their view of reading Tarot and learning the card meanings. I turned again to Vincent Pitisci and things started clicking — he really cut out all the mystery and focused in on the keywords and I was good to go.

A seasonal favorite Tarot deck — Trick Or Treat Tarot makes me smile. I get that warm, nostalgic feeling remembering running around the neighborhood on Halloween Eve, wearing most likely a homemade costume. That wasn’t important, it was running around the neighborhood after dark . . . collecting candy was a bonus!

It’s essential that you have a Tarot deck you like and feel a connection towards. That way you will grab for it and use it — hopefully daily to get that necessary practice in so you will build your confidence.

Peggy’s Month Ahead Reading — What Can We Expect?

I’m Finding I’m Really Drawn To The Gilded Tarot Royale — I Really Like Ciro Marchetti’s Artwork — It’s A Feel Good Tarot Deck For Me

Life is fluid — it is ongoing, maybe even ever-changing . . . We may go through very stable times where not much seems to be going on — but things are going on even in our daily routine. Think about sleeping — supposedly we are at rest . . . We dream — pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant . . . thus life is fluid . . .

I was thinking of Peggy’s reading which was posted a few days ago . . . If she would do a reading today, how would it be different? Or would the message be the same or similar? That’s why it is a good idea to keep a journal of your readings — date them, perhaps put a time on them as well . . . I do wonder if a particular location would have an influence on a reading . . . How about the weather? Or your state of mind? I would imagine that would be a major factor, especially if you are concerned about something significant in your life . . .

Does the Tarot deck matter? We engage with our Tarot decks differently . . . I am curious. I have the Trick Or Treat Tarot. I’m not set up to record a reading, plus that reading was a few days ago — this is a different day, and much may have changed since that reading . . . Life is fluid. Let’s see what cards I draw, shall we?

I drew The Fool, Nine Of Swords, The Hanged Man . . . We’re embarking upon a new month — even though we’re 10 days into it . . . The Fool is Believing all is good — nothing to worry about . . . The Nine Of Swords is Attainment — reaching a goal or realizing something which could be distressing . . . And, The Hanged Man is Sacrifice — Thinking differently from others has its challenges. So basically, as much as we may have been looking forward to having a carefree Halloween month, we realize there are things that need our attention this month and we can’t ignore them.

I could draw more cards as Peggy did to get to the bottom of the situation . . . But I’m fine with mine . . . I made my reading more on the month ahead rather than making it more personal . . . They both had to do with wanting to have a good time . . . but don’t neglect what needs to be done . . . take care of what you can do to make your month as carefree as possible . . .


I had no real plan or spread other than drawing three cards. I just wanted to know about the month of October and what to expect as the month unfolds.

I could go with strengths, obstacles, and outcome — of the cards drawn the strengths was The Fool — blind faith, believing everything was going to be great. The obstacle was the Nine of Swords — a harsh realization that not everything is as great, wonderful, and blissful as we may want it to be. We do have things to do to address. The outcome was The Hanged Man — Sacrifice, thinking differently has its challenges, seeing things from a different perspective . . . We’ll make adjustments, do what needs to be done, and have as wonderful an October as possible.

Life is fluid. The cards are a glimpse of what could be the outcome if you take heed of the obstacles presented or do nothing and the sacrifices may be greater . . . just a thought . . . How would you interpret the cards? What would your spread and the cards you draw reveal about October?

I Think A Spread Is In Order — I Always Turn To Vincent Pitisci’s Videos — He Has His Variation Of The Celtic Cross . . .

I watched a different video from the first one below . . . Vincent seems to have another variation — That’s what is so great about Tarot, use what works for you and if it’s not working, change it!

Sample Readings With Vincent Pitisci — Celtic Cross

A Recap Of Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic Cross Spread

What = Positions 1, 2, and 7

Why = Positions 3, 4, and 9

How = Positions 5, 6, and 10

When = Position 8

Positions 1 and 2 The Question — Fine-Tuning Perhaps For Clarity

Position 3 What The Person Is Doing — Their Efforts

Position 4 Immediate Objective — Goals

Position 5 Assets

Position 6 Opportunity That Is Coming — 3 Month Period

Position 7 How The Person Asking The Question Sees The Question

Position 8 Timing — When To Act

Position 9 Purpose — Big Picture

Position 10 Suggestions — What To Look For

I was going to do another reading, but I think you’ve seen enough readings and it may be best for you to get out your Tarot cards and do your own reading. Become familiar with a Tarot Spread you feel comfortable using.

I am still comfortable with a three-card spread variation. It helps me practice my keywords and look for ways the cards inter-relate with each other. If you need to select more cards for clarification, you’re free to do so — there are no hard and fast rules.

I’ll be doing another post on keywords. I’m comfortable with the basics and want to expand a bit in the exploration within each of the suits. Initially, I got quite overwhelmed by the whole concept, but we’re only working in groups of 14 for each suit. I believe for me, extending my keywords would be a good thing to build my confidence and help me relate better with my Tarot cards. 

I plan on spending some quality time with my audiobook of Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. I understand this is the ultimate Tarot resource — often referred to as “the Bible of Tarot books”. It’s divided into three sections: The Major Arcana, The Minor Arcana, and Readings. I think this is exactly what I need to continue my Tarot Journey.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this was helpful and informative.

Until next time,


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