Bonefire 2nd Edition!!

Introducing the all-new Bonefire Tarot second edition, a captivating fusion of Sailor Jerry Collins’s vintage tattoo flash and outsider art. With its 78 vibrant hand-painted Tarot cards and accompanying 248-page companion book, this edition is an exquisite treasure that captures the essence of time and space through universal symbols. Unveiling nine new cards, reimagined images, and fresh text, this redesigned package is a gateway to purpose-giving creativity. The Major Arcana figures embody the archetypal energies that mirror our lives, while the Minor suits immerse us in life’s intricate intricacies. From the microcosmic to the macro-enormous, this deck equips you with all you need to conquer any challenge. Seamlessly blending artistic themes with Tarot symbology, it opens a portal to eternal truth, tantalizingly close and ripe for exploration. Delve into its comprehensive glossary, embrace the guidance of three simple spreads, and immerse yourself in descriptive essays that illuminate the path ahead. Measuring 3″ x 4″, this deck stands as a testament to boundless inspiration and allows you to paint your own destiny.

Here you can compare the Bonefire 1st and 2nd Editions — The box is smaller with the 2nd Edition — The 2nd Edition has a matt finish and the colors seem to be a bit muted — I do like both decks . . . It’s always nice to get a bit of an upgrade . . . Some of the cards have been redone, but the overall feel of Bonefire Tarot remains.

Let’s See What’s In The Box!

What Are Your Thoughts About Bonefire Tarot 2nd Edition?

Bonefire Tarot may be an acquired taste. Some Tarot decks are immediately liked — due to the artwork the theme or the author. The title could be a selling point or not — You may be wondering what is a bonefire? That’s an excellent question — one I asked when I bought the Tarot deck. A fire lit with bones instead of wood, so that when livestock were driven between two such fires the acrid smoke drove off parasites. Now, isn’t that good to know 🙂

The 1st Edition of Bonefire came out in 2016 — only 7 years, but I guess Gabi Angus-West was eager to create a 2nd Edition — which she did.

An intriguing blend of card meanings and fresh symbolism, this deck offers a unique perspective that is remarkably relatable and easy to connect with. Despite the intricacy of the images and the introduction of new symbolism, beginners will effortlessly adjust to this deck. Its intuitive nature seamlessly combines with the traditional meanings, allowing for effortless readings that consistently yield astonishing accuracy. Surprisingly drawn to a tattoo art-based deck, even for someone with a neutral view towards tattoo art, this deck has captured my heart and enamored me completely. I’m looking forward to purchasing Bonefire 2nd Edition.

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