Truly Gothic Feel To This Unique Tarot Deck!

As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings forth the answers you seek, even if they aren’t always what you yearned for. With Corrado Roi’s captivating deck, behold the crows in all their gothic glory. This mesmerizing collection awakens your soul, bestowing both enlightenment and an unsettling disquiet. In a striking black and white palette, this deck is an indispensable addition to your cherished collection. It comes from Llewellyn Publications, released in 2020. 

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What Do You Think?

This Tarot deck is captivating! As soon as I held and explored the cards, their unique energy mesmerized me. Despite my usual indifference towards black and white decks, this one proved to be a game-changer. The High Priestess card called out to me, beckoning me to embark on a meditative journey. I found myself unable to look away, drawn to the cards like a moth to a flame.

The card stock is impressive, thick yet glossy, allowing the cards to glide effortlessly against each other. The shuffling experience is impeccable. And let’s not forget about the box – sturdy and cleverly designed with its slide-top feature, revealing stunning graphics beneath. Opening it feels like uncovering a hidden treasure.


Now, let’s talk about the guidebook. While I generally steer clear of multilingual books, this one surprised me. Each card boasts a detailed description, even if most of the book is in languages I don’t understand. The descriptions offer a uniquely poetic glimpse into the essence of each card, unlike anything I’ve come across before. It’s truly a remarkable companion to this extraordinary deck.

It’s been mentioned for shadow work — I’m unfamiliar with that — it may not be for everyone . . . including me . . .

It’s an interesting deck and I’m delighted I gave it a look.

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