Oh, My Goodness!! A True Collectors Item!

Legend has it that behind the scenes of the James Bond film Live and Let Die, a secret collaboration unfolded. Renowned Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí embarked on a mystical journey, crafting a custom deck of Tarot cards inspired by his wife’s fascination with the arcane. Despite the contractual hurdles, Dalí’s passion prevailed, resulting in a limited art edition that captured the essence of European art history.


TASCHEN now unveils this surreal treasure, resurrecting all 78 cards, each a mesmerizing fusion of Dalí’s wit and profound knowledge. Delve into the kaleidoscope of Dalí’s visionary world with a timeless masterpiece paired with insights from esteemed Tarot author Johannes Fiebig.

Dali. Tarot Walkthrough

Step into the mesmerizing world of Salvador Dalí with his exquisite custom Tarot deck. In this stunning box set, Dalí’s iconic artwork breathes life into the ancient divination system. The Magician takes the form of Dalí himself, while his wife Gala embodies the Empress. Even the historical tragedy of Julius Caesar’s death is reimagined as the Ten of Swords. Sold out since its original limited edition release in 1984, this resplendent collection now presents all 78 vibrant cards along with a captivating companion book detailing their creation and providing practical instructions. Immerse yourself in the artistry and mystique of Dalí’s extraordinary Tarot deck.

Embark on a captivating journey through the realm of symbols with renowned psychologist and author Johannes Fiebig. With over thirty years of devoted exploration, Fiebig unravels the secrets hidden within dreams, Tarot cards, and everyday experiences. Born in Cologne in 1953, Fiebig’s books have touched the lives of millions, translated into numerous languages. Collaborating with his wife Evelin Buerger and Klausbernd Vollmar, Fiebig has penned captivating Tarot and dream interpretation books. His groundbreaking work on the Dalí Tarot, meticulously uncovering its artistic origins, was made possible by a team of skilled art historians. Residing in a quaint village near the Baltic Sea in Germany, Fiebig stands as the esteemed publisher of Koenigsfurt-Urania & AGM-Urania publishing companies. Discover the mesmerizing world of symbolism with the expert guidance of Johannes Fiebig.

The Dalí Tarot deck is a breathtaking fusion of art and divination. While the deck may not fulfill the expectations of collectors seeking a showpiece, its true allure lies in its quality for Tarot readers. Delve into the mesmerizing artwork that adds beautiful depth to traditional meanings, allowing intuitive readers to step away from the mainstream.

Although not recommended for beginners, this captivating deck enhances interpretations and readings, as each card brings Salvador Dalí’s iconic touch to life. Embrace the mystical world of Dalí and unlock the secrets of the Tarot like never before.

I don’t know whether this deck would be used on a regular basis — I would think for special occasions — but then, why have the deck?

You decide whether Dali Tarot is a correct fit for you and your Tarot Deck Collection.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this was informative and gave you answers to your inquiries about this iconic Tarot deck.


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