It’s Good To Spend Time With Your New Tarot Deck By Going Through All Of The Cards In The Tarot Deck.

This way you can get a good feeling about the Tarot deck. You may know intuitively whether this particular deck is right for you — it’s how the deck as a whole makes you feel. I know with Trick Or Treat Tarot how much I was going to enjoy this deck because it made me laugh and gave me a feeling of nostalgia reminding me when I was a kid and did my own dressing up and going out trick-or-treating. I did feel an attachment to that Tarot deck.

Then, you can shuffle the cards and do the Interview Spread — you can also change some of the card positions to include an issue you want to address with your new Tarot deck. Perhaps eliminate a card position inquiry. Use this spread to work best for you and to get to know your Tarot deck. I do wonder if the Tarot deck has questions about us — maybe one question would be to ask Tarot what they want to know about us or how we intend to use the cards or what we expect from this particular deck . . .

Tarot Of The Witch’s Garden

I drew 7 cards: Queen of Swords, Hierophant, King of Wands, Star, Six of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, and Four of Pentacles. It seems like a good representational mix of Major and Minor Arcana with all the suits represented.

1. Queen of Swords — I’m feeling a lot of patience, tolerance, and fairness. What this Tarot deck can teach me is to see things from all sides and draw conclusions with fairness and compassion.

2. Hierophant — I’m feeling spiritual leadership, A definite link between a higher power and mankind. Tarot describes itself as the spiritual guidance of authority.

3. King of Wands — I’m getting a sense of strength being into knowledge and preparation. I’m feeling as Tarot describes me that I need to step up and do my part in planning and being prepared.

4. Star — Guidance and Direction. I’m getting a sense of a promise of success as things progress. This follows with how Tarot and I will work together.

5.  Six of Pentacles — Perseverance, unwavering. Meeting a challenge. These are all Tarot’s strengths.

6.  Ace of Wands — Breaking away from the crowd. Realizing a new endeavor. Weakness? A shift or variation from the norm I would imagine.

7.  Four of Pentacles — Stability, grounded, structured, established. Our potential together seems to be reliable and consistent.

I believe this is an excellent fit and I’m eager to work with Tarot Of The Witch’s Garden. It is a beautiful Tarot deck with expressive artwork that I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.


Gilded Tarot Royale

I drew 7 cards: Ace of Wands, Ten of Swords, King of Wands, Moon, Eight of Cups, Two of Swords, and Hierophant. No Pentacles, otherwise a nice selection. 

1.  Ace of Wands — I’m seeing this as a fulfilling experience.

2.  Ten of Swords — Making way for better things with the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. I see this Tarot deck as a clearing of the way.

3.  King of Wands — In a strong position to proceed with knowledge. I contemplated buying this Tarot deck for quite some time. It was a sound decision and the timing was right for me to act. That pretty much does describe me.

4.  Moon — Following my instincts on a decision. A curious path comes from an intuitive insight. How we work together will be intuitive.

5.  Eight of Cups — All will stay together as you strengthen what is already yours.

6.  Two of Swords — Stalemate, confusing decision. A need to focus on clear thinking.

7.  Hierophant — Spiritual leadership. That’s a good potential working relationship.

I’m pleased by this interview. I feel this is an excellent deck for me to practice intuitive readings and card interpretation. This is all good.

The Unfolding Path Tarot

I drew 7 cards: Chariot, Queen of Swords, High Priestess, Knight of Pentacles, Empress, Emperor, Two of Pentacles. No Cups and No Wands, interesting.

  1.  Chariot — Sure-footed action without hesitation. Tarot can teach me to create my own opportunities.

  2. Queen of Swords — Compassionate judgment. Fairness. Seeing things from all sides.

  3. High Priestess — Intuitive Foresight.

  4. Knight of Pentacles — Much can be accomplished by working with this Tarot deck.

  5. Empress — Ideas become realities.

  6. Emperor — Overseeing all that is needed. Building new alliances.

  7. Two of Pentacles — Keeping options open.

    I’m getting the impression this Tarot deck is undecided about working with me. That’s fine, we’ll work together and see how things work out between us. This was a good experience.

That Was Interesting — I Hope It Was Of Value To You As Well

I do have to laugh, it seems the interview and the writing of the post took on its own process. That’s the problem with having pre-conceived notions — I thought The Unfolding Path Tarot would be the most positive and fun interview of the three . . . but as it turned out it was fun and informative and it was definitely in charge — something I expected from Gilded Tarot Royale — Well, so much for pre-conceived notions or assumptions.

I’m not going to fix the format of the last interview — it seemed The Unfolding Path Tarot was in charge and I’m not going to interfere with how this particular deck wants to be represented. I am all for going with the flow and not rocking the boat :).

I do thank you for stopping by!



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