All You Need To Know Is Right There In The Cards . . .

Discover the magic of Tarot as you delve into the depths of each card’s meaning. From studying books and keyword lists to watching YouTube videos and exploring different Tarot decks, you’ve acquired various theories and philosophies on how to read the Tarot. But remember, what truly matters is finding what resonates within you. While memorizing keywords is helpful, it’s the deep understanding that comes from personal connection that brings the cards to life. Trust your intuition and let the Tarot guide you on your unique journey to mastery.

There were two YouTube videos I viewed recently that truly put things in perspective for me. I’m torn between sharing them both with you here, dividing them up, and deciding which one to present first. These videos have the power to provide a fresh outlook on Tarot that captivates the mind and inspires this journey.

Basically, all you have to do is look at the cards — the pictures tell the story! Yes, it is that simple.

And, these two videos will give you some guidelines. One is learning Tarot in 30 minutes! That’s a tall order, but manageable. You separate the cards into four stacks — The Major Arcana, Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles. Then she goes through each stack. It was quite enlightening!

The second video has to do with learning Tarot by the numbers. Actually, I watched this one first. I liked the concept of numerology and dividing the cards up into numerical groups — you need to see the video for clarity. It did put things in perspective for me.

Are you ready to delve into demystifying The Tarot? 

Wow! You Can Learn The Card Meanings Of All 78 Tarot Cards In 30 Minutes!

Learning Tarot By The Numbers!

Was That Helpful? Did One Method Resonate Better With You Than The Other — Or Were They Both Helpful?

They both had their strengths. You may want to start by using the suggested keywords — gradually, you’ll have your own. Or many of those will become yours. You can also refer to the guidebook that came with your Tarot Deck for interpretations and keywords — use what makes sense to you. Please remember that everyone reads the Tarot differently — everyone is an individual, we have different perspectives, focus and understanding. With experience, we grow naturally. 

My purpose with this post was to help make sense out of the Tarot. I know initially it is quite overwhelming — plus with the various Tarot readers I’ve heard, some get into the symbolism on each and every Tarot card. That is a bit much for me to wrap my head around — then they add astrology — it all makes sense to them . . . but to me it is information overload. I prefer to keep it as simple as possible and once I have a basic understanding, I’ll venture forward to more advanced concepts.

Thank you for joining me today!


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