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In an earlier post I interviewed Everyday Witch Tarot. The reason was to get to know my new Tarot deck. It was an interesting concept . . . One I didn’t truly appreciate or understand until now.

Vincent Pitisci has a section in each of his three books where he has a conversation with various card personalities . . . It is amusing yet informative. I know I’ve been singing of praises of Vincent’s books lately — It is wonderful when you find a concept of learning Tarot that works. Yes, you still have to put in the work of learning the keywords — You can use the ones Vincent supplies or choose one of your own. His goal is to teach you  to be a Tarot Reader — not like him, but like you . . .

There Is Definitely Something To Be Said About Giving The Tarot A Personality — Or Allowing It To Come Forward

When we think about the Four Suits, there are several ways to view them . . . As the suits of playing cards — Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts. As the various signs — Air, Fire, Water, Earth. As the characters in The Wizard of Oz — Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, The Lion. And how Vincent Pitisci describes them as their essence — Spirit, Thought, Emotion, Physical.

This has helped me considerably in having the Suits become more real and relatable to me:

Swords — Spades — Air — Scarecrow — Thought

Cups — Hearts — Water — Tin Man — Emotion

Wands — Clubs — Fire — Lion — Spirit/Inspiration

Pentacles — Diamonds — Earth — Dorothy — Physical/Material

What Does Each Suit Value?

The Swords value everything associated with thought — reason — knowledge — achievement — calmness.

The Cups value romance — intuition — self identity — enthusiasm — recognition.

The Wands value excitement — impact — impulse — stimulation.

The Pentacles value security — belonging — authority — gratitude.

These are all keywords that go into the essence of each suit. Once you grasp this concept, the Minor Arcana’s keywords will become more meaningful and vibrant to you.

Vincent Pitisci Does A Beautiful Job In His Book Genius of the Tarot In Giving Keywords For Each Of The 78 Tarot Cards

It’s essential, I believe, to have a personal relationship with your Tarot deck. This makes it real and much more meaningful.

The book is easy to read and understand. Studying the Tarot is fun and enjoyable — At least I believe it is after I found this book.

Check out my earlier posts and you’ll see how the keywords bring more clarity to the subject. And . . . In Genius of the Tarot, Vincent delves even deeper for you.

Pick up your copy today. Click the link to the right.

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