Keywords Are Essential

I’ve wavered back and forth with this concept of using keywords for quite some time. I’ve now decided how essential they truly are in understanding The Tarot. There are 78 cards in the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Yes, we could learn all 78 meanings as attributed to each card . . . Yet . . . by defining them does seem to limit them . . . However, if we give each set of cards a keyword to denote the essence, then we can expand the definition to fit into any possible question that is being asked.

Vincent Pitisci has helped us out with both the Minor and the Major Arcana as well as with the Court Cards. He pretty much put it all into perspective for us . . . Even with his keywords for the Four Suits — I enjoyed his concept using The Wizard of Oz central characters — Dorothy is a Pentacle — Home — The Physical/Material World. The Scarecrow is a Sword — Brain — Being able to think. The Tin Man is a Cup — Heart — To be able to have emotions or to feel. The Lion is a Wand — Bravery — Spirit — to go after what one needs.

We Looked At The Fool’s Journey With The Major Arcana . . . And The Journey Continues With The Minor Arcana With Its Ups And Downs

Now, let’s cut to the chase using Vincent Pitisci’s Keywords so we can move forward to attain a deeper and richer understanding of The Tarot.

The Major Arcana Keywords

0   The Fool — Believing

1   The Magician — Awareness

2    The High Priestess — Mystery

3   The Empress — Creativity

4    The Emperor — Leadership

5   The Hierophant — Guidance

6   The Lovers — Duality

7   The Chariot — Ability

8   Strength — Fortitude

9   The Hermit — Seclusion

10  The Wheel — Destiny

11  Justice — Balance

12  The Hanged Man — Sacrifice

13  Death — Transition

14 Temperance — Inspiration

15  The Devil — False Fears

16  The Tower — Disruption

17  The Star — Direction

18  The Moon — Mysterious Paths

19  The Sun — Nurturing

20 Judgement — Awakening

21  The World — Perfect Balance

The Minor Arcana Keywords

Aces — New Concept

Twos — Choice

Threes — Creativity

Fours — Stability

Fives — Change

Sixes — Perseverance

Sevens — Confidence

Eights — Advancement

Nines — Attainment

Tens — Completion

Pages — New Path

Knights — Action

Queens — Patience

Kings — Knowledge



I Do Have A Bit Of An Issue With These Minor Arcana Keywords When They Come To The Depictions On The RWS Swords

This does force one to “think outside the box” when it comes to these Swords cards — The Three of Swords with the swords piercing a heart, the keyword is Creativity — meaning one is creating something new with one’s mind or thoughts — following along with the Ace (New Concept) and the Two (Choice) — The Three of Swords could mean that creating this new concept is uncomfortable . . . it’s outside one’s comfort zone . . . or through this creativity process a distressing truth had been revealed . . . Depending upon the question, creativity could be very broadly defined.  The same could be said for the Ten of Swords — all the other suits are celebrating their “Completion” while the Swords are sticking out of the back of the poor fellow — yet it could mean that he, too, accomplished a goal — perhaps he broke a bad habit that he had been working to achieve . . . There are definitely many ways to look at The Tarot in reference to the question asked . . . Putting together the Three of Swords with the Ten of Swords — perhaps the distressing truth that was revealed meant he had to give up something or make a change in his life — which he did do in order to create the new concept he was in the process of creating. 

I Do Hope This Was Helpful

Feel free to use your own keywords — or those you have found helpful elsewhere . . . Use what works for you!!

We’ll be continuing with Kelly-Ann Maddox’s video lessons next time!

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