Oh My Goodness!! An Honest To Goodness Ghost Tarot Deck!!

This Ghost Tarot Deck will absolutely knock your socks off!! The artwork by Davide Corsi is vibrant and truly captures the essence of ghostly figures.

I’m delighted this deck follows the Rider-Waite-Smith system which makes it easy to switch from one card deck to other. Since I’ve been studying the RWS system, I try to select Tarot decks that allow me a bit of variety in my Tarot readings and also reinforcement of what I’m studying.

I’m a firm believer in applying what you learn and there is no better way to do so than by doing personal readings with different Tarot card decks with similar formats.

Many Tarot Readers use these cards for Halloween Parties. Some find it works well with readings of a romantic nature. I believe it is a Tarot deck that can be used throughout the year. There’s Tarot of the Haunted House and now the Ghost Tarot, I think there is a great interest in both of these Tarot decks. They would seem to work well together, especially for those who are into the paranormal and for those who would love to know about those sounds they hear that go “bump in the night” or whether they have a loved one who has passed with a message for them … We have all kinds of questions … This deck may break the ice to discuss some ghostly concerns …

I do recommend Ghost Tarot … you’ll see why when you view the cards in the video below.

Colleen Hook’s Ghost Tarot Review:


How Do You Feel About Ghosts?

That would definitely determine whether this Tarot Deck is for you … or not. The same can be said for Tarot of the Haunted House.

I’m not one to force anyone into buying any particular Tarot Deck. My purpose is to show various decks to you so you can make up your own mind. I’ve reviewed some decks that don’t resonnate with me … but they may with you. We like what we like and pretty much have our own style. The important thing is to purchase Tarot decks that you will use.

I Am Always Amazed By The Number Of Tarot Decks Available For Just About Every Passion …

No wonder people have hundreds of Tarot Decks in their collection. I know mine is growing.

I do watch a lot of YouTube Videos to see different Tarot Decks. I think we all do that to help us decide what Tarot deck would be fun and interesting for personal and professional readings. 

I try to be a bit selective in my purchases. I truly have to love, love, love the deck. And, at times, I may not love the deck, but something resonnates within me … And I find myself purchasing it … or several since I’ve been hemming and hawing about placing an order.

You’ll know if the Ghost Tarot or Tarot of the Haunted House is right for you … or even Everyday Witch … I know I keep mentioning that Tarot deck every chance I get … Obviously, it’s my favorite.

I do thank you for stopping by and hope this post was informative and helped you decide upon what Tarot deck(s) you’d like to purchase.


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