For Me, Gaining A Personal Connection With The Tarot Cards Has Been A Bit Of A Bumpy Ride.

I’ve used YouTube as a guide. This was quite helpful gaining knowledge about the Tarot cards, but I didn’t continue on a regular daily basis. I got sidetracked and began looking for an easier way.

But in truth, we must do what resonates within us. There are lots of techniques just as there are lots of Tarot Decks. One Tarot deck in particular gave me a new perspective regarding Tarot. That deck was Tarot of Haunted House. It made me look at Tarot in a different way. For some reason it seemed to resonate with me … Just as my previous study allowed me to gain insights I hadn’t thought about before. But for some reason I wanted to do my study of the Tarot differently.

I went a bit overboard in aquiring Tarot Card Decks.

I absolutely loved Everyday Witch and worked with it regularly. I liked the concept of learning the cards one at a time … but I kept receiving the same cards.

I thought perhaps there was a message there that needed my attention. It was a positive card cheering me on, but I needed more guidance and direction — not a cheerleader. So I looked at other Tarot Decks and built my collection …

That was fine … but something was still missing ..

So I stopped and began getting busy with other things … revamping websites, delving into other project … Pretty much avoiding Tarot … Obviusly that was no solution 🙂 But it is how I deal with things at times..

Life Is Fluid — Things Change From Day To Day

So one idea or technique is helpful, but several is even better. I do like the concept of a story and the interconnection from one card to another in the same suit. All of the suits demonstrate life’s ups and downs with the hope of getting through them in the end. It is how life works and how we deal with those ups and downs that makes us who we are today … but who knows about the future …

Imogene Walters has some valuable tips in her video. Take a look and see what resonates with you.

Imogen Walter’s Video Tutorial For Learning And Remembering The Tarot Card Meanings:


Delving Into Tarot Is A Journey … An Adventure … Take it to discover what is most meaningful to you.

I love the concept that all the Tarot cards express the energy that is within all of us … We do have a story to tell about who we are, which is unique … but we’re not alone or the only one who has had those experiences … 

I’m all about ghost stories and haunted places, thus my attration to Tarot of Haunted House, but it was more than that. I liked the Major Arcana and how they dwelled within the haunted house with their secrets and insights. This deck does follow the Rider-Waite tradition with some variations, but they do make sense. I found it to be a wonderful adventure.

Journaling is essential if you want to remember what you’ve learned and over time can add to it or delete some concepts you no longer believe apply. Your personal study is a work in progress that is to work for you and take you where you wish to go either in sharing your Tarot expertise or for your own personal readings. This is your journey and adventure …

I do hope this was helpful and beneficial in furthering your Tarot study …

Thanks for stopping by!


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