I truly love Tarot and I’ll probably have a pretty big collection before long.

I’ve been getting the basics about the overall meanings of the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards from a video I shared earlier and a book I also shared earlier. I thought this would be so easy … there are only 78 cards and each one tells its unique story … and some things would naturally go together to help form a relationship between the cards … But … it still takes time to learn and to get a good handle on them.

I heard a seasoned Tarot Reader say that you may never master the Tarot, but you’ll have fun learning what you can with the Tarot decks you have. There is always something new — new decks, new images, etc. So, mastery may be a difficult goal to accomplish.

I know there are those into astrology and numerology, mythology and other -ologys they combine with Tarot Reading. I think that’s great — not something I’m well versed in — with those Tarot Readings I’m pretty much left in their dust. 

However, I’m making progress and things are pretty much coming together for me 🙂 Things are definitely beginning to click for me … Not unlike Steampunk and getting the gears and cogs working together …

I was very impressed watching Kate, aka Daily Tarot Girl give one card readings on a live video last week. She was using my absolute favorite Tarot deck, Everyday Witch. I was completely blown away! I didn’t requet a reading, I was more interested in seeing how Kate did it, using her years and study and intuition to make the readings work.

That’s when I thought seriously about diving in and really studying the meanings and then quietly sitting with my cards and seeing, listening and feeling what the cards had to say … It has truly been a wonderful adventure!! 

I’ve even gotten into Journaling about my Tarot adventure. Surprisingly, it has been a really big help in my learning process … which will still take time … I was hoping to take Kate’s Tarot Reading Course that starts May 1, 2019 with the sign-up cut off today … but I just don’t have the necessary experience. Maybe next year or the next time she offers the course. It wasn’t so much the course I was interested in, but finding others within the Tarot Community with whom to share tips and tricks, etc. I’m a firm believer in networking.

This also got me thinking of making my own videos … but there are some things I need to buy in order to get that set up … I don’t have a fancy cell phone and I want a new stand for showing my table instead of holding up cards … then there’s the lighting … and I don’t know about me being the center of attention … 

Of course, I’m much more comfortable blogging … but I spend a lot of time on YouTube and it is only natural that others are doing the same, watching Tarot Card Reviews and learning something new … I don’t think I have much to add and I use the videos of others in my blog … but I’m thinking about it … I don’t know what my precious Yorkshire Terrier will think about it … I’m sure things will work out …

It seems I’m always late to the party!

A few years ago, Steampunk caught my attention and imagination when I was into paper crafts. I still am to a degree, but now mostly Tarot and Ghost Stories … I do love my ghost stories and while working on this post found another Tarot Deck I may be reviewing next — if it’s as exciting as I think it might be …

I think it’s always a good idea to have Tarot Decks with Guide Books … I do like the big boxes … They fit nicely on my bookshelf since most of my books have now gone into my Kindle … Interesting how we get into gadgets and gizmos to later convert to the real deal that you can hold in your hands … Well, actually, how else could Tarot work …

Steampunk Tarot Review by Kittens Weights and Tarot


My head seems to be spinning … 

Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and illustrated by Aly Fell is quite a dynamic deck.

I like the idea it is based on the Rider-Waite system and the imagery is filled with interesting people and gears, cogs, sprockets and who knows what else … It is truly a treat for the eye and imagination. I think this card deck will truly get your intuition stimulated. 

This is a fun deck to have and to use at parties … especially those with a lot of your Steampunk friends … or those like me who love seeing different interesting card deck images. 

Click the images above for more information and to order your Steampunk Tarot Deck today!

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