Everyday Witch Tarot Card

My Personal Journey With The Everyday Witch Tarot Card Deck

From my previous post it has become evident that I am obsessed with this tarot deck. It is based on the Rider-Waite tarot deck which may be beneficial when learning to use this deck … But from my research, I’m beginning to think there are no short cuts when it comes to connecting with your tarot deck and doing accurate readings.

Some may believe intuition has no place in tarot card reading. Others, of course, disagree. I believe one’s observations abd personal insights are of value as well as the placement in the spread. I do believe it is essential that we learn the author’s meanings behind all 78 tarot cards in the upright and the reversed positions. Of course, there are some who don’t read cards in the reversed position as such, but as in an upright position. I believe the cards are placed how they are placed and should be read acco9rdingly … which means learning 156 meanings of the tarot deck.

Somewhat of a daunting endeavor … yet this lets one know how dedicated are we? Do we truly want to learn … or not.

You Can Purchase Everyday Witch Tarot Cards Here

Unboxing Tarot Card purchases can be as exciting as watching paint dry.

The video to the right can get a bit … boring … but it does give you a delightful look at all of the cards.

You may notice that some images seem to naturally go together in era as well as in subject matter. I do like the striped tights, the witch hat and the adorable cat … Smudge may be a good name … perhaps Soot or perhaps something a bit more playful …Nothing comes to mind.

Everyday Witch Tarot Unboxing


I don’t know if I’m getting a “witchy” vib from these cards … I’m not sure I know what that actually means.

I was struck by nature and the lovely nature scenes that seemed to be quite tranquil and relaxing … without wine and chocolates … I’m more of an iced tea or soft drink type of person … perhaps with chips or pretzels …or oatmeal cookies or a blueberry muffin ...

I do like the witch and the cat … broom sticks … I do get a feeling of fun and light-heartedness from this deck. I recognize some cards have a serious message, but there is nothing “doom and gloom” about this deck … Yet I haven’t gotten into it just yet … And I have absolutely no idea what messages will be coming through with my card selections.


Techniques For Connecting With Your Tarot Card Deck

Story telling and using life experiences may be quite valuable in learning your deck of tarot cards.

One positive note is that the Everyday Witch Tarot Deck does follow the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck which does give me a bit of a familiarity with the suits and the characters at play … So my personal transition may not be as daunting as I once thought … although I do have a bit of an obsession with the Everyday Witch … I wonder what that means …

I seriously want to do some journeling about my card readings as well as with learning the meanings of the cards … and any helpful tips I may discover along the way …

I don’t believe memorization for the sake of memorization is necessarily the way to go. It does have to be meaningful to me or you as you explore this deck.

I have looked at dozens upon dozens of YouTube Videos regarding how to connect with any tarot deck … also cleansing the deck, the book and the box to make sure that nothing “came along for the ride” from the manufacturer or any other place it landed upon its way to me … or to you … I don’t know why I got a thought about that creepy doll Chucky … Oh good grief!!

One good point is to count your new tarot deck cards and make sure they are all there — nothing is missing and there are no duplicates of a card.

I think studying tarot is a wonderous adventure.

It is a personal journey that may prove to be exciting and insightful regarding discovering a new perspective in how we view ourselves and others … as well as obstacles and challenges … 

I believe our personal intention plays a major role in whatever it is we encounter or embark upon … As with this new website, for example, I was pleased to decide upon a domain name quickly … relatively quickly compared with some of my other website domain names … Many of those I no longer own … This one seemed to have a definite direction and purpose … one I still may be pleasantly surprised to discover how it unfolds as time goes on.

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