Getting To Know Your Tarot Deck

I’m always looking for ways to get to know my Tarot decks — to learn the meanings as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I’ll do little spreads and grab my book and see what I see, but I’m finding I don’t really look or study the card. I’m into the meaning and then move on. So, this exercise suggested by Daily Tarot Girl in her video below will get you focused on really looking at all the cards in the deck and discover where it will take you.

For this post I used images from Gilded Tarot — bet you’re glad I didn’t use the Everyday Witch. Thought it best to shake things up a bit since I have both Tarot decks!!

Daily Tarot Girl – Kate, has an interesting approach to getting to know your new Tarot deck.

It’s nice to spread out the deck before you and look at each card in relationship to others as a group.

I like this approach and believe it is how I’ll be getting to know the new Tarot decks I purchase in the future. It also gives me more reason to watch more unboxing and run through videos to get a bit of a feel for different Tarot decks.

This may also gleen some light upon why we may gravitate to some Tarot decks over others.

Daily Tarot Girls’s Great Tips For Getting To Know Your Tarot Deck:


There are always questions we want answered. I just think we owe it to our new Tarot Deck to get to know it first.

We purchased it … so why not take some time to look at the images and see everything the artist put into the image for our enjoyment as well as to stimulate thoughts, feelings and perhaps insights that are a bolt out of the blue.

We can group them as Kate suggests in her video above to get us started … Then we can do other groupings and see what kind of a story they’re telling us. And move forward into looking up certain cards that peek our interest.

I know there are numerous approaches one can use … And, you may have a technique that works well for you. If you like you can share it in the comments below or email me:

I’m all about learning and sharing here. We can learn so very much from each other.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.


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