The Mystical Realm Of Tarot

I prefer the Tarot Decks that follow the Rider-Waite foundation.

The Gilded Tarot follows it as does Everyday Witch. (Sorry I just had to add that in there!) I have both Tarot Decks and I’m busily studying them. Tarot is something that requires time to study the meanings as well as get a feel for your card deck. According to some experts, each Tarot Deck has a bit of a personality of its own. This may sound strange, but many swear that one deck of cards works better when giving certain readings than does others.

Thus far in my studies while using the Everyday Witch Tarot Cards and book, I’m having a great time,

I believe it is important to select a deck of Tarot cards that you truly like. You’ll then work with them and study their meanings as well as intuitively discover additional meanings on your own.

Ciro Marchetti is the artist of this magnificent Gilded Tarot.

It has been out since March of 2012 which makes it quite well known to many Tarot Readers and collector of Tarot Cards.

Many claim the Gilded Tarot has brought Tarot into the 21st Century — great praise for this beautiful deck. It does come with a book by Barbara Moore who does a great job with the meanings of all the cards.

As I mentioned earlier, The Gilded Tarot follows the Rider-Waite model, but anyone with Tarot experience will be above to use this deck with other Tarot systems and books.

I do like the vibrant colors that do seem to draw you into the image. It invites you to explore all the possibilities these cards have to offer in order to give yourself, family, friends or paid customers an excellent and meaningful message.

I do love my deck of The Gilded Tarot and recommend you purchase it, too.

Become Familiar With Your Tarot Deck Of Cards.

It is important to become familiar with your Tarot cards — the different images and how unique they are from the others in the deck.It is essential that you pay attention to the details. Sometimes you may discover some hidden secrets.


Tarot With Lorien


Since I’m just starting, I like to mix the cards up and take out a few to study.

I then select a few more to add to some I’ve previously selected. I continue this process until I’m satisfied with the cards I have and I begin telling a story. Then I check on the meanings to see how accurate I am.

In any event I did have fun making up a story.

Our lives are a story … it’s sometimes nice to stick something exciting and adventurous in it 🙂 — One’s imagination is a great treasure.

Have fun with The Gilded Tarot or others you may select to begin your journey into a mystical realm.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with me. Be sure to tell your family and friends.


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