For Me, Fall Is The Season For New Beginnings.

Many students have begun a new school year. This may be an excellent time for adults to delve into a new hobby or venture you’ve been thinking about … maybe learn Tarot or begin vlogging … I’ve been thinking about vlogging … I was wondering if a vlog would be more popular than a blog.

I do enjoy all the vlogs of Tarot readers … especially when they share a new Tarot Deck they’ve just purchased and are excited about unboxing and giving their reactions. I’ve bought many Tarot Decks based on these walkthroughs … It gave me a positive new perspective … and, of course, there was the reaction that a particular Tarot Deck was not right for me.

I believe it is important to find a Tarot Deck that you like and would enjoy using on a regular basis. 

My favorite Tarot Deck is still the Everyday Witch Tarot … 

I was, however, surprised by how much I enjoy using The Cook’s Tarot and even Bonefire Tarot. I usually don’t go for bold colors and graphics … but they do seem to be working out well for me. I could go on and on about my favorite Tarot Decks, but what’s important is selecting a Tarot Deck that is right for you.

I select Tarot Decks to reflect how I feel as well as for a particular subject matter. Sometimes certain times of the year I’m feeling nostalgic and want a more traditional Tarot Deck … I’ve found after conducting Tarot Deck Interviews how some decks are better than others involving sensitive topics about love and perhaps health issues … Or dealing with loved ones appropriately. 

Many have found when conducting readings that their clients relate to one particular Tarot Deck over others. I may feel comfortable giving a reading using my Everyday Witch Tarot Deck and someone will suggest that I use a different deck for their reading. That’s why I’ve found it quite nice to have a collection of Tarot Cards available.

I Do Love Tarot And How It Has Enriched My Life.

Mostly it has given me a new perspective in how I view life and decisions I need to make. 

One issue I had involved letting go of a blog website. I loved the domain name … but I just couldn’t make it work for me. I changed the niche several times and each time I learned I truly didn’t like it … but I thought it was such a cool name … So … after a lot of thinking and more fiddling with it I decided it was time for me to let it go and concentrate on the websites I have and enjoy.

I suppose there are times when we do “outgrow” a website … even Tarot Decks … Perhaps some hobbies we once enjoyed are no longer important to us … Or we just don’t have the same enthusiasm for them … Life is very fluid … it is continuously changing … Even friendships change over time … That’s another issue I found difficult to swallow … Letting go is so very difficult!

I seem to have rambled on for quite a bit … I do want to thank you for stopping by. Be sure to click the links above and below to get the Tarot Deck that is best for you and your study of Tarot.


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