As I Was Preparing To Do An Interview With One Of The Tarot Decks In My Collection …

I had them all lined up … There they were set in place like obedient children … I could sense them each whispering “choose me … or please choose me.” I imagined some with fingers crossed … Oh my goodness!! How was I to choose? I love them all!!

However, there was one deck that I wasn’t too sure about … it both fascinated me and to a degree frightened me … I don’t know exactly why … but it did. So I went back to Amazon to pull it up and reaquaint myself with it …


Bonefire Tarot is published by Schiffer and is the creation of Gabi Angus-West, an Australian painter.

This is truly exciting!!

I thought I’d give a bit more information from the publisher:

“Take an exciting trip through an extravaganza of 78 vivid and expertly hand-painted Tarot cards inspired by the vintage, old-school tattoo flash of Sailor Jerry Collins. Influenced by Rider-Waite, this deck and guidebook are styled for the serious life explorer, identifying important symbols and key thoughts visually, so you may intuitively read the cards and demystify your own journey. Fully equipped to tackle anything—the microcosmic to the macro-enormous—the Majors feature archetypal figures sure to play roles in our lives as aspects of ourselves or situations we are bound to encounter. The Minor suits have their own look and set of common symbols and are concerned with life’s little details. Along with a comprehensive glossary of symbols and their meanings, three simple spreads, and descriptive essays to guide you, this set offers eternal truths via the timeless medium of Tarot. Includes cards and book.”


That Doesn’t Sound All That Scary … What’s Wrong With Me?

In the background I can hear my neighbor’s little girl playing in the pool with her friends. They seem to be having a good time. A play-date perhaps …

So given my current environment … my precious Yorkshire Terrier is resting quietly at my feet … Occasionally she gives a little bark just to let me know she’s protecting me … or telling the neighbor’s child to keep the noise down, she’s resting. All in all, It is all good!!

Maybe I have it all wrong and Bonefire Tarot is the timid one … Well … we’ll soon find out …

I’ll light some sage and shuffle the deck thoroughly … I have the Guidebook at hand — I’m sure I’m going to need some help …especially with some of the symbols … I do want to do an indept reading to receive a full understanding of Bonefire Tarot and my other Tarot Decks when I select them or they select to be interviewed …

I have my Tarot Journal at hand with my interview questions:

  1. What can you teach me?

  2. Describe yourself.

  3. Describe me.

  4. How can we work together?

  5. What are your strengths?

  6. What are your weaknesses?

  7. What is our potential working relationship?

I did change the questions a bit … but I seem to have been given direction from Bonefire Tarot or the other Tarot Decks as they’re looking on. This does seem to be a team effort …



Goodness … I’m a bit nervous. I’m glad I’m not doing a video …

All right, here we go …

The burning sage should calm me down and cleanse my energy … This interview is about getting to know Bone Tarot … perhaps it is to be introduced to my other Tarot Decks as well … 

I was anticipating this deck to be a bit sassy … but I’m not so sure now … Perhaps I’m the sassy one …

First question: What can you teach me?

Two of Wands or Pinecones: I believe me started out very well. I’m feeling balance, a need to move forward and get out of my comfort zone … This card has pretty much spelled out two major areas to address. We are on a special journey where Bonefire Tarot is going to get me out of my comfort zone to achieve the things I desire to achieve … I’m very willing to learn how to do this while maintaining balance … … 

Second question: Describe yourself.

Seven of Coins, Pentacles or Apples:  I’m getting a sense of a woman who is analytical and balanced. She works hard climbing up and down her ladder gathering apples and she is available for her child as well. I’m feeling she is going to be a great asset to me and for others who choose this deck for a reading.

Third question: Describe me.

Oh my goodness!! What is going to be said … I must admit that my oldest and dearest friend is going through a shoulder replace surgery today … as I’m writing this … I know she’s going to be fine, but it is waiting … So I’m anticipating that I’m impatient … and maybe a bit hungry … But we need to see what the Bonefire Tarot has to say. I am feeling calm and comfortable with this deck,

Six of Cups or Lotus Flowers: Oh goodness!! Bonefire Tarot definitely hit the nail on the head. The Six of Cups is about nostalgia … childhood … relating to the child within … also gathering the gifts from the past … I admit I am quite a bit old-fashioned in many ways, but I do live in the real world … I have a blog for goodness sake!! 🙂

Fourth question: How can we work together?

The Fool: I’m feeling in order for us to work together I can’t have any preconceived notions. Each question I ask has to be viewed with fresh eyes as The Fool would do. She does possess all the tools, but she has no idea how to use them … It’s ringing a bell regarding my understanding of Tarot … which is becoming quite clear not a whole lot …

Fifth question: What are your strengths?

Seven of Swords: Duplicity … Not a very flattering card, but for the purpose of this reading I would have to say that Bonefire’s Strengths are in taking the action that is necessary. So when tough answers are required, no sugar coating is going to be applied. This Tarot Deck is to get answers, not comforting.

Sixth question: What are your weaknesses?

Eight of Wands or Pinecones: Messages coming in swiftly. Making hasty decisions. Yes, I can see this as a weakness for all of us.

Seventh question: What is our potential working relationship?

The Sun: Radience, Joy … I believe Bonefire Tarot and I will work well together. It all seems to be quite a positive venture. 

That went quite well …

I think all in all, Bone Fire Tarot is a deck that can be used in all occasions. It may  not be for readings where someone can’t handle the truth. Most of us want the truth even it is something painful we have to face … a breakup … or not getting a career advanement … or even receiving bad news … Goodness no one likes that … and no one wants to give the bad news …

I was thinking of taking pictures of the Deck Interview Spread, but my camera wasn’t working properly … Or I just don’t know what I’m doing. I need a camera that does everything for me … I know I need to get one that I’ll use.

So … this turned into quite a long post. I hope it was enjoyable and helpful.

Thanks for stopping by!



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