We Got Rain!! It Is Wet And Overcast Today!!

An excellent day to relax and take it easy. I was watching some “haunted places” videos by various urban ghost explorers. Great weather to get a bit creeped out …

Then I went looking around for some short cuts when it comes to learning Tarot card meanings. A way to begin getting a handle on what these 78 cards mean.

Vincent Pitisci has a couple of videos I have below that you may find helpful to get you started on your quest to learning the Tarot.

I think it is an excellent place to begin. You can always change the words to fit into ones of your own experience or from reading material you have acquired. 

I’m working with the videos from an earlier post. I do like that style and may incorporate Vincent P9itisci’s keyword approach to the other in order to make it easier for me to remember. I may need to come up with some sort of story to tie it all up nicely or use some other approach. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated — put them in the comments below or email me: sharon@mysticalkey.com


Part 1 Of Vincent Pitisci’s Keywords:


Part 2 of Vincent Pitisci’s Keywords:


I find it interesting how many Tarot Readers on YouTube have a name associated with a Major Arcana Card … 

Some speak about a particular card that is their favorite … It may not surprise you to learn that I absolutely love The Fool. He/She has that child-like quality of moving forward … fearlessly and foolishly … In many ways I do admire that quality … Just a free spirit … Unfortunately, that isn’t me … but I admire it … and maybe sometimes I am The Fool … For now I don’t have an actual one that I completely relate to and is very much who I am … I’ll let you know when I figure it out … 

I can relate to The Hermit, too … and I sometimes wonder about The Hanged Man … just trying to gain a different perspective … But, as I said, I haven’t selected one at this time … It is a pity, actually …

Let me know if you have a favorite or relatable Major Arcana Card … You can leave it in the comments below … It could be a card that you always check out when you purchase or decide to purchase a new Tarot deck … It may even be a card that creeps you out …

I do thank you for stopping by and using my links below for placing your orders. I truly appreciate that 🙂


Oh My Goodness!! I Left Without Giving You The Keyword List!!

All right … You can change these to whatever you find works better for you …

Let’s begin with the 4 Suits:

  • Cups — Emotions, things of the Heart
  • Wands — Spirit or Passion
  • Swords — Thought
  • Pentacles — Physical World

The Minor Arcana:

    • Aces: New (Idea)
    • Twos: Choice — Making A Decision
    • Threes: Creativity
    • Fours: Stability
    • Fives: Change — Disruption
    • Sixes: Perseverence — Overcoming Something
    • Sevens: Confidence — Experience
    • Eights: Advancement — Continue Moving Forward
    • Nines: Attainment
    • Tens: Achievement
    • Pages: New Path — A New Situation
    • Knights: Action — Take Action or Not
    • Queens: Patience And Understanding
    • Kings: Knowledge

The Major Arcana:

  • 0 The Fool: Believing — Care Free
  • I The Magician: Awareness
  • II The High Priestess: Mystery
  • III The Empress: Creativity
  • IV The Emperor: Leadership
  • V The Hierophant: Guidance
  • VI The Lovers: Duality — Choice, Mutual
  • VII The Chariot: Execution — Moving Forward, Achievement
  • VIII Strength: Mind and Body — Free Will, Inner Strength
  • IX The Hermit: Inner Searching
  • X The Wheel of Fortune: Evolvement — Luck
  • XI Justice: Truth — Universal Law
  • XII The Hanged Man: Sacrifice — Different Viewpoint
  • XIII Death: Transformation
  • XIV Temperance: Inspiration
  • XV The Devil: False Truths
  • XVI The Tower: Disruption
  • XVII The Star: Direction — Guidance
  • XVIII The Moon: Mysterious Paths
  • XIX The Sun: Nurturing
  • XX Judgement: New Awareness — An Awakening
  • XXI The World: Perfect Balance — Peace and Harmony

All right … There you have it … Use it however you like … Change it … 

I found it helpful in giving me some direction as to how to get a handle on the 78 cards in the Tarot deck …

Until next time …