What Does The Tarot Hold For You?

By now, hopefully, many of you have decided upon a Tarot set in which to begin your study.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed mine is the Everyday Witch … I love the witches with their striped leggins. I do love the hats, brooms and cats, too …

I’m beginning my journey by revisiting the YouTube Video series to help you learn the Tarot in 2 hours, I need a bit more time and have watched and rewatched sections — even taking notes as I’m going along, Then I get out my Tarot Deck, digging out the appropriate corresponding cards and study them — also taking notes.

This may seem like a long drawn out process, but one I believe is necessary for me. You may find a different approach more to your liking. It may be worthwhile for you to share your learning process in the comments below — I’m always interested in what you have to say — as long as it is constructive and would benefit others as well.

I have been toying around a bit with the idea of creating my own videos … 

I’m not one who likes to be in front of the camera. I don’t believe I have all that much of value to share on a video as opposed to sharing that information on my blog.

And, speaking of my blog!! I’m delighted to report that I’m getting more and more people here each and every day — Thank you so very much!!

I suppose you’re enjoying my product reviews … and maybe this post and others like it may not be something that will be getting me more and more visitors to my website. But … I have to be myself … Learn from my stats and move on. So maybe a video series may be worthwhile for me to explore so I don’t jam up this website with such nonsense … Yet … I believe if we’re learning different tarot decks, it may be worthwhile for us to explore them together.

Now is definitely the time to leave me a comment with your thoughts.

As I was going through my review in studying the meaning of all 78 Tarot cards, I realized that these cards not only relate to different types of people, but to all of us and within our own situations … work, leisure, family, etc.

Of course most individuals are concerned with their personal relationships — boy friends and girl friends … maybe even those relationships involving best friends or even relating better with parents … and/or other adults in their lives — teachers, coaches, etc. And, there are work relationships … At one time I worked with the most disagreeable person imaginable on the face of this earth!!

And, the Tarot can help you — initially by making you aware of these challenges and calmly and deliberately deciding on a solution that would be beneficial for all concerned. I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna, but we can look to positive solutions. 

I view Tarot as a valuable tool that I can use daily for my personal guidance and inspiration.

That’s why it is so very important for you to find a Tarot Deck of Cards that you like and will consult on a regular, if not a daily basis. It is important to learn the basics about the cards initially, then alow the images on each card to guide you. It may be necessary at times to look up some of the symbols — if that’s important to you. It would be valuable for you to keep a journal or a notebook handy to keep track of notes you may want to take as you’re studying different cards.

I’m seeing this as a personal journey. A learning experience that is fun rather than academic — which can be fun, too. But more of a journey into self-discovery as well as seeing others within a new light. I find it interesting how studying the Tarot is giving me a clearer picture of some of my neighbors and people I see as I’m running errands. It seems to have given me a new perspective.

I’m not so sure that my new perspective regarding others is all that accurate …

I just know I’m seeing things differently. Perhaps a bit more kindly and objectively than I may have before. It’s not that I’ve been angry and unkind — it was more a matter of not wanting to be bothered … Well, that was unkind. But it also goes along with characters in movies and in books. That knee-jerk reaction of instantly liking or disliking them … or just not caring about them at all.

I know we lead busy lives with our own issues. I’m just saying that I’ve found my attitude and perspective has changed — hopefully for the better since studying Tarot. It’s not something I wish to force upon you or others,

it is just an observation I’ve made about myself. It would be interesting to learn if others have felt the same. Please leave me a comment with your thoughts.

I was watching a YouTube Video the other day involving a woman who reviews Tarot Cards and maybe talks about other things while she’s sitting in her garage. A neighbor may walk by and she says hello to him — no long conversation, just hello or a quick wave. 

This got me thinking about making my own videos … I don’t know about sitting in my garage … perhaps my patio … or maybe at my dining room table or in my office … or even my front porch … but I do have a huge oak tree that is throwing its polin about now. Spring is kind of a mess in my yard right now and I don’t want it messing up my sinuses … So, perhaps in the house is my better choice during this season and for my personal comfort during the summer …

And, if I choose to dress up with a witch’s hat or cape or striped socks … that may be fun — something my neighbors don’t need to see …

Well, I don’t know about videos being in my forecast … but I’ll keep the possibilities open.

Thanks for stopping by!


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