This is quite a lovely feminine Tarot deck.

The backs of the cards are as beautiful as the front of the cards. I do find it interesting how many are as interested in the backs of the cards as they are the front. I never thought much about it until I was watching a Tarot Collection Video and there was a Tarot deck face down with an image I didn’t like and thought I’d never buy that deck … So I guess the backs are as important as the front 🙂

I also go for Tarot Decks that are of a regular shape like playing cards. It doesn’t matter necessarily the size of the cards, but the shape does matter to me as well. Some are into the borderless Tarot Cards — I never gave it much thought until I started noticing the difference, but I doubt I’ll be doing much trimming of my Tarot cards … but one never knows 🙂 If you’re interested in trimming your Tarot deck, here is a post I did on the subject. There is a great video that shows you how and the big difference the trimming does make. Yet it is all a matter of preference.

I do like Crystal Visions Tarot. I prefer going with the box set of Tarot Cards and a Guidebook. As you will see from the video below, this is basically a Tarot Card Deck with a small booklet. There is also an extra card of the Unknown that you may find interesting. This is the first time I’ve learned of such an additional card. 


Imogen Walters’ Lovely Unboxing Video:


As I Mentioned Earlier This Is A Lovely Tarot Deck.

I do love the walkthroughs with first impressions. This makes it quite interesting to me. I also enjoy when a card is chosen for a quick reading. Since I’m still learning, I find it helpful to hear different readings. I suppose everyone has their own style and experience level. I’m just amazed by how fluent many are in doing these readings “right out of the box”.

It is also interesting to note that Imogen didn’t agree with the booklet interpretation. As I said earlier all readers have their own style and experience level where they are confident with what they know about particular cards and how they may see things differently. 

I Do Like The Crystal Visions Tarot Deck.

It’s a lovely addition to my Tarot Collection and perhaps for yours as well.

I mentioned this in a previous post how you may want to purchase some Tarot Pouches for some of your Tarot Cards. I use these when I have cards in a box such as this deck. I just want to make sure they’re safe and I won’t overlook them or get them pushed aside on a shelf. These are lovely bags and come in different colors.

There are also a variety of different styles that would fit in with the particular Tarot Decks you have. It is nice to have a pouch made especially for your cards.

For me right now these bags work quite nicely for the decks I have. Maybe in the future I’ll change them.

I do thank you for stopping by.


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