There Is Definitely Something About Spring That Makes Me Want To Get Outside And Explore Nature’s Abundance.

I seem to have been drawn to The Druid Craft Tarot Deck.

“This acclaimed deck created by practising Druids combines the two great streams of Western pagan tradition–Wicca and Druidry. Its powerful images have emerged from a vast store of teachings and story-telling rooted in the past, and also from the ancient concepts of numerology, which have provided the artist, Will Worthington, with inspiration from Sacred Geometry.”

This is definitely a deck that is more than meets the eye …

I’m always drawn to folklore, legends and stories that bring tradition together with the current day to assist us in understanding all that can be learned and applied to our everyday life.


The Druid Craft Tarot Deck:


I Have Found The Tarot As A Tool For Learning.

Learning about others and myself as well.

There is truly something mystical about the Tarot that brings enlightenment to those who practice … It seems, for me, something that draws from within rather than the traditional sense of learning and study as in school. Do you agree?

I believe this is one of the first YouTube Videos I watched when I first set up and was deciding what niche to select.

Everyone has their own reasons for selecting a Tarot deck.

Some cards truly stand out for them. As in the video above The Lovers is a card that Soul Journey is drawn to as an indicator that a particular deck is for her.

I haven’t found a particular card or cards that I’m especially drawn to when making my selection of a Tarot deck. However the artwork draws me in. I have, unfortunately, found Tarot decks that leave me cold … I either decide not to review them or I’ll review them, but not necessarily recommend them for me. This is all quite subjective …

Insofar as The Druid Craft Tarot, I’m finding it quite interesting. I am at a place where I prefer the Rider-Waite system, but I don’t find the changes in this deck too distracting. I am impressed by the Guidebook that comes with this deck. It does guide you through the cards quite nicely.

For me, this is a Tarot deck that I’ll save for later. I need to build my own confidence and library of Tarot decks that truly “speak to me” … this one is not for me at this time … We’ll see what a few months will unveil for me …

I’ve been hearing about how many Tarot Readers trim their Tarot Decks because they don’t like large borders — they find them distracting.

I’ve always wondered how they go about trimming their Tarot decks. What tools do they use? 

I think I might use a paper trimmer, but then maybe scissors would work quite well. I may also use a corner punch to give some rounded corners … or perhaps leave them square … depending upon how the trimming turned out …

I did find a video that shows you how to do the trimming yourself.

Trimming Your Tarot Deck With The Truth In Story:

I can see how trimming a Tarot deck can change the look and feel of the deck. It could become quite addicting to get rid of all the borders on all of your Tarot decks.

For me, I’m quite all right with my Tarot decks with their borders.

I know there are many Tarot decks that come in different shapes and sizes.

I’m not especially fond of round Tarot cards … I’m afraid my guests will think they are coasters and use them as such 🙂

I can understand how some large decks would be difficult to handle. Of course, there are some people who prefer the larger cards when they have a choice to buy them. It is all a matter of preference.

Just as with the style, artwork and theme of the Tarot decks you prefer.

I do hope this post was informative and may have answered some questions you may have had about The Druid Craft Tarot and also about trimming your Tarot decks.

I do find Tarot quite fascinating and the artwork in many cases is a major factor in my selection of a Tarot deck. I don’t mind the nudity, but I will have to be careful when using this deck or others with nudity. It may not be for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and using the links to purchase your next set of Tarot cards.