This Is Truly An Exciting Tarot Deck

It follows the basic Rider-Waite format of 78 cards with the major and minor arcanas. The wool-yarn fiber craft theme to the deck is carried out with the suits with the swords being knitting needles, wands are crochet hooks, pentacles are hand weaving looms and the cups are drop spinners. There’s a 72-page guidebook giving card meanings and example spreads. This deck is suitable for Tarot readers at all levels.

Yarn Tarot was released December 14, 2021 by Sixth & Spring Books. The cards are beautifully illustrated by Katie Ponder.

Various Races, Genders, Body Types And Ages Are Represented Throughout This Deck

I seem to be gravitating to the more natural elements of Tarot deck creations. Or, the more recently published decks are addressing these issues more. I’m delighted and I would imagine many of you are as well.

It’s time for us to have a thorough walk-through of the Yarn Tarot. These are matt finish which I prefer. The cardstock is a bit thin, but I don’t believe there would be an issue.

I Do Like This Tarot Deck

It would be a wonderful addition to my Tarot collection. My mother, although not into Tarot was a crocheter, knitter and other related needle crafts — not spinning or weaving, but I believe it all works together. I will be thinking of her when I pick up this deck to do a reading.

I don’t know how this would fit in to your Tarot selection process. I just felt it was worth exploring and sharing.

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