My Goodness, I Haven’t Posted In Quite Some Time …

But I have been thinking about you 🙂

I just completed an excellent Intuitive Tarot Card Reading Course with Daily Tarot Girl. It was quite an intensive course … It was a lot of fun, actuaklly … It was necessary to do the worksheets — You get out of it what you put into it … As with everything in life generally.

If you have a chance next fall to take this course, I highly recommend it 🙂

I Hope October Has Been Going Well For You 🙂

With all the computer and website updates… and my internet going down … it has been an interesting month for me … 

But enough!! I’m looking forward to Halloween and the upcoming holidays. I truly excited about Tarot … what it brings to my life and more importantly what it brings to yours.

I’m Always Interested In Looking At Tarot Cards … New Or Old …

I’m especially interested in those that you can purchase from Amazon. It’s easy and secure. As an Amazon Prime Member I appreciate the free shipping.

It’s always fun to have Tarot Card Decks you enjoy visually. I’m interested in the symbolism to a degree, but mostly the story each image seems to tell.

I do like to see how the different cards in a spread inter-relate. Some have images in common while others seem to have nothing in common. Yet, as you look closly at the colors and the suits, you may just notice something of interest that relates to the inquiry you’re asking the Tarot. It’s not all that “magical” … it is a matter of observation.

Tarot Grand Luxe Review And Walkthrough by Modern Mediphysic Man

I Do Enjoy Ciro Manchetti Tarot Decks

This is an excellent pairing with artist/creator and US Games. 

Packaging and cardstock are important to me as is following the Rider-Waite-///////////////////////////////snith format. I do like consistency with my Tarot Decks.

I suppose with Intuitive Reading that may not be an issue … but I do like to have a general idea about the various cards.

I Do Hope You’ll Take A Look At Grand Luxe Tarot.

It does go nicely with my selection of Tarot Decks. It may be a lovely addition to your collection.

I have a variety of links you can get to stroll on over to Amazon. You may want to get some Halloween Candy or maybe some costume accessories. There are lots of last minute items you’ll discover you need.

I do hope you enjoyed this post and will come again for other posts I plan to write.

Thanks for stopping by!


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