I Was Drawn To The Name

I usually don’t go for Tarot cards with the meanings printed on them — reminds me of Oracle cards. It is important to learn the meanings of each and every Tarot card in order to understand each reading you do. 

I’m pleased Witchy Cauldron Tarot uses the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith images. With the name, I was hoping for something “witchy” like Everyday Witch Tarot . . . I am, however, pleased by this deck. This could be a very valuable deck for beginners and those who need a bit of a review.

Witchy Cauldron Tarot

This is truly the ultimate deck to discover how “to unlock the power of the Tarot.” I don’t believe it is only for beginners . . . yet it is a beautiful place to start. And you can use this deck to help you move to the next level when deciphering current events.

This is the key to unlocking your desire to become a proficient Tarot Reader. Everything you need to know is at your finger tips.

According to the publishers: “Learning Tarot deck by Witchy Cauldron gets rid of the fluff and shows you how you can get started mastering the tarot deck. This deck has everything you need to accelerate personal growth and self-awareness, from forming a powerful connection with your tarot learning process to completely understanding the various tarot spreads.”

I Believe Keywords Are Essential

Plus giving a bit more — all in understandable language that is meaningful and will allow you to remember the essence of each and every card.

Thus allowing you to be able to read cards from various different decks and using numerous spreads in giving insights and direction to whatever question is asked.

This is truly a confidence builder as well. Each time you see a particular card, you’ll instantly know the meaning — and if you hesitate, the reminder is right there. This is truly a wonderful deck.

Witchy Cauldron is an excellent learning tool. At one time I did believe such cards were a crutch — one that didn’t necessarily teach . . . I have, however, changed my mind after seeing this deck. I am greatly impressed.

It reminds me of Vincent Pitisci and his Tarot keyword videos and books. That is how I learned and am learning. Not only with the keywords, but with some other words and phrases he provides. We need to use what works for us.

I hope this was helpful and informative. Be sure to click one of the images above to order your copy of Wichey Cauldron Tarot today.

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