Witchling Academy Tarot is a fun Llewellyn Publishing creation.

“Welcome to the Witchling Academy of Magic, where you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure through the tarot. Inspired by magical girl manga, this Rider-Waite-style deck and guidebook help you uncover the secrets of magic and divination. Learn the basics of spellwork and master the elements. Build a personal connection to the cards and help maintain the balance of light and dark. Featuring Mindy Zhang’s whimsical artwork and Pamela Chen’s inspiring insights,”

Check out the video unboxing and walk-through.

Witchling Academy Tarot

This is truly a fun, feel good deck. It may be for a young audience — yet it seemed more adults than children were into the Harry Potter books and films . . . So I would say this deck is for the young at heart!! That it is basically ageless.

This deck would be a wonderful way of learning Tarot . . . I like the story concept of these cards — it truly gives one a definite connection with the various cards . . . thus giving focus and purpose in remembering the meanings associated with each card.

If you want a fun deck that puts a smile on your face, I think Witchling Academy Tarot would be a wonderful addition to your Tarot studies and collection.

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