My Obsession With Witch Themed Tarot Cards

I could understand if it was early fall/autumn … but April and that wonderful spring feeling?

Or … perhaps now is the time to get witch themed tarot cards … and even that adorable Witch’s Costume … before the rush begins!

I don’t know what it is … But I do have a little story to tell you before we delve into my review of the Witches Tarot.

The other day I was working on my 13th post here at Mystical Key and thought it would be fun for me to review Ouija Boards — wooden ones not the ones you find in toy stores.

But … my laptop went all crazy — shutting down and being unable to turn it on again. Then I couldn’t reach my website in order to continue writing my post.

Once I shut everything down and deleted my Ouija Board draft, everything once again returned to normal and I was able to add a post about another Tarot Deck.

I suppose this was my warning not to mess with Ouija Boards or Spirit Boards or whatever you may want to call them. 

I have had no mechanical nor technological issues while discussing Tarot Cards — I don’t know if it was my resident ghost or Spirits of the Tarot or spiritual intruders who were messing with me. I just know that Ouija isn’t something I want to explore.

All right! Witches Tarot.

This Tarot deck follows the Rider-Waite system except … the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, Wheel of Fortune becomes Wheel of the Year, and Judgement becomes Karma.

Witchcraft seems to be a major focal point in this outstanding deck designed by the “highly respected Witch and Tarot Reader Ellen Dugan” with the “vibrant artwork of award-winning artist Mark Evans.”

The over 300-page guidebook gives card descriptions and meanings as well as “spell-enhancing spreads” to be used in magickal practice as well as in Tarot readings.

This is an excellent Tarot deck for practicing and non-practicing Witches … I just like the artwork and the basic theme to add to my Tarot deck collection.

Witches Tarot Deck Review by Angelo Nasios:


I found the video to the left to be quite comprehensive.

The Guidebook and the Tarot Card images are great!!

I think your friends, family and those who want to receive a reading will find this Tarot Deck an excellent choice for their personal reading. I think this would be a fun deck to use at a Halloween Party to get all your guests into the spirit of the season.

We do seem to gravitate to different Tarot decks. This would definitely be an excellent one to add to your collection.

I could definitely see myself getting into this Tarot Deck and having some fun with it — also getting some insightful and meaningful readings.

I think the thing about selecting Tarot decks is to choose those that interest you on some level. That way to will use them.

It would truly be sad to have a bunch of Tarot Cards you never use … may be time to sell them or give them away … I understand there are a few who may trade Tarot Card Decks from time to time.

The thing is right now I don’t know how many Tarot Decks is enough … or how many are too many … And with new ones being designed regularly … I don’t believe you’ll ever completely finish collecting Tarot Cards.

Well … have fun … and thanks for stopping by!

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