I use White Sage regularly with smudging and found it interesting that there was a Tarot deck by that name.

Theresa Hutch is the creator and illustrator of this delightful Tarot deck. It features animals in the Court Cards with Chakra Colors in the Minor Cards. There is an abundance of natural elements throughout the 78-card deck bringing a masculine and feminine energy balance.

The purpose of the White Sage Tarot is for those seeking clarity along their life’s journey.

You’ll receive a  64-page booklet along with the cards in the tin.

Honestly, I was more drawn to the name than to the actual Tarot Deck. Although I like the idea of including the Chakra elements into this Tarot deck, I’m not all that into the images and the descriptions offered by Theresa Hutch. It does follow the Rider-Waite system, but it does seem to fall short in my mind and limited Tarot experience.

Taking A Look At The White Sage Tarot Deck With Sadhana:


Even after watching the video, I’m not warming up to White Sage Tarot.

It is a charming concept with endearing animals — especially her own … 

For me, I need to see move value in it for me. I’m learning to read Tarot cards and I’m embrasing the meanings from the Ride-Waite Deck with variations from decks following that traditional system. Yes, I use intuition and inspiration from what I see and feel. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I believe it is important to connect with your Tarot Deck …

I know it isn’t common to like every Tarot deck I review … but there have been some I’ve chosen not to review — mainly because I couldn’t get into them …

I liked the name and the use of Chakra colors … but not the artwork nor the meanings …

Maybe I’m expecting a Tarot Deck to give me more … and several do … We’re all different and view Tarot in different ways … I’m still finding how Tarot works for me. I just know White Sage Tarot will not be a deck I’ll purchase.

Perhaps you have an interest in purchasing some White Sage for smudging. You can click here or the image to the right.

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