A Sterling Publishing Release Of April 20, 2021

I do have a video walk-through of this vibrant Tarot deck to share with you. It is important for you to know what you’re buying before you do decide to buy. The White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot is full of surprises — at least for me. There are animals, but not as the central characters. It’s important to delve into the 56-page guidebook to thoroughly understand the essence of the deck. It may also be necessary to get the deck and try it out for awhile — even do a Deck Interview . . . Something which is difficult to do when purchasing Tarot Decks on-line and in stores. 

I enjoy a video walk-through of a Tarot deck I’m interested in purchasing and adding to my growing Tarot Deck Collection. I was initially intrigued by the name. This does follow the format of the Rider-Waite Tarot Decks I prefer. I am impressed by this Tarot deck and pleasantly surprised by the artwork. Take a look for yourself!

White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot Deck

This Tarot deck was inspired by ancient rituals and stories of sacred animal spirits. Alba Ballesta Gonzalez brought this deck to life with her beautifully unique artistic style, blending the “other worldly” with the “modern”.

“Numen” are the sacred animal spirits. The White Numen bridges a path to create a human reconnection with the natural world and spiritual realm. I believe this concept is what many of us are endeavoring to do by the use of Tarot or other means.


I’m personally drawn to this Tarot deck. I’m not overly fond of glossy cards, but these don’t seem to be extremely done. The cardstock is flexible enough without bending or warping. I usually don’t ruffle-shuffle my Tarot decks. I lay them out on a soft surface and handle them quite carefully. 

For me, Tarot cards are kind of a personal thing. We’re drawn to certain styles, themes or concepts because of our personal preferences or beliefs. Or even how we feel at a particular time in our life. I always say in my blog posts how you need to decide if this deck is right for you. 

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