I Love Going To YouTube To Learn Something New Or Of Interest

I try to have an open mind about various Tarot Card Reading Methods. It is amazing to me how comfortable many professional readers are with changing Tarot Decks and giving a reading that is smooth and informative.

I do enjoy walkthrough videos of Tarot Decks that are new to me. I like the walkthroughs with comments rather than just flipping through the cards. 

There are many who don’t like walkthroughs at all. I suppose it depends upon why we’re watching videos.  I like to get a feeling about a Tarot Deck before I purchase it. The images are extremely important to me — how they make me feel and whether they resonate with me … There are many times someone will say, “It speaks to my soul.” That’s wonderful for them. At times I find some of those cards to be a bit frightening … So it’s all about personal preference. 

I’m sometimes drawn to certain Tarot Decks and buy them immediately … And there are times I may feel drawn to a particular deck, but something is holding me back from purchasing it. I follow my gut instinct … And I’ve purchased decks I didn’t really like and have returned them … Not something I like to do, but it is an option.

I Do Enjoy Watching Videos About Tarot Collections And Top Tarot Decks

I’m interested in learning how many buy indie decks and even purchase them from auction sites.

I purchase the mass producted ones and buy exclusively from Amazon. It just works for me … But there are a few Tarot Decks of interest that I may look to purchase on eBay … They may be used or quite expensive … but may be quite worthwhile in my Tarot studies.

I’ve always wondered about purchasing a used Tarot Deck … It does seem a bit creepy to me … But this may be something I may look into during 2020. I’m thinking of getting out of my comfort zone a bit to open up to new possibilities.

I Enjoy Following The Rider-Waite-Smith System Of Reading Tarot And Look For Tarot Decks That Do The Same

I understand not everyone has learned this system or relate to it. They may have found something that makes more sense to them. It is all a matter of preference.

I love the selection of Tarot Decks available today … and more will be released in 2020. New decks, old decks … colorful decks, black and white decks … dark decks … plus a variety of different themed decks are available to purchase … 

Everyone has their own taste in Tarot Decks and the industry has covered so very many … I got a bit caught up in the theme of witches … Others are very much into angels and fairies … There is definitely something for everyone.

I Think For The New Year I May Delve Into The Cook’s Tarot

I love the bold colors and the size of the cards … I find some of the images quite interesting and a bit funny — A shopping card for The Chariot … I do find this deck to be very relatable.

I did a review on this deck … Perhaps around the time I purchased it … I was very much into starting my collection … But now I believe I can get so very much more from this deck than several months ago … We do grow in our Tarot Journey …

Kittens Weights And Tarot Has A Lovely Review Of The Cook’s Tarot


I Was Thinking Of Using The Cook’s Tarot For Thanksgiving And Continue Through The Holidays

This deck seems to be about family and all the activity in the kitchen preparing meals. Also going to the garden and picking some fresh vegetables.

Even as a child I was put to work doing something of value to add to the meal. 

The Cook’s Tarot can bring back memories and be just a fun deck to use for personal readings and to do readings for others. 

I can’t remember if I did a Deck Interview … I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to do another. This is a wonderful way to bond with your Tarot deck.

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