Choosing A Tarot Deck To Use For Personal And Professional Readings Is A Major Decision . . .

It’s important to appear professional yet approachable . . . Tarot is a tool. It seems logical that we would use a Tarot deck that would bring us joy and allow us to give the best readinng possible. There are so very many different Tarot decks — some are cute, others can be downright frightening . . . Some are very relatable and some are of a different era . . . But it all depends which deck resonates with you. I was looking at my Tarot decks — there are a few I do wonder why I purchased them . . . I may have been in the mood for a new deck . . . For now, I have decks I haven’t even looked at for years . . . Things will hopefully change as I delve into my study of Tarot.

In May of 2019, I Started Collecting Tarot Decks — This Was About The Same Time I Launched Mystical

I’ve always been interested in Tarot and learning to read the cards, but I didn’t seem to have the descipline to do it. I thought that a particular Tarot deck would make the difference. It did to a degree . . . But I had to decide that I was ready to learn and I was going to put forth the time and the effort in order to succeed.

I have to admit I “played at it” . . . For some reason I wasn’t focused. I had difficulty wrapping my mind around all the cards — 78 of them in two catagories — Higher Arcana and Lower Arcana . . . What I couldn’t forget was 78 cards — 78 keywords — 78 definitions . . . I was even having problems with the different suits — Cups, Swords, Wand and Pentacles . . . How were these different? And how were they the same?

Over time, Tarot started making sense to me. Maybe it was all the YouTube Videos I watched . . . Maybe it was getting the cards out and playing with them for awhile . . . I really don’t know what changed, but something did. I would like to say I found a book that made sense to me . . . I have to say this made a big difference in my focus and my desire to learn Tarot. Things just started coming together. It didn’t matter to me any more that I had to learn 78 keywords . . . It was all right to have to learn more, if necessary to thoroughly understand the meanings of each card inside and out.

It didn’t matter to me if I spent 10 minutes or several hours. The important thing was that I was spending time with my Tarot cards. There were times I’d review what I had learned and other times learn something new. There was always a review . . . lots of review to get it set in my mind . . . Everyone has their own technique. The one that works best for you is definitely the best approach for you to learn.

I May Be Regressing Back To My Childhood With Tarot In Woderland As My Tarot Deck For Now

It really doesn’t matter what you use — goodness there are people who use regular playing cards . . . Many people learn by writing keywords on each and every one of their Tarot cards — I have a little journal I’m using where I jotted down keywords and other important things I wanted to remember about each and every Tarot card.

It was important for me to read the guidebook that went along with my Tarot deck. This was just something I wanted to do.  It was important for me to view Tarot through the images of the various characters — and essentially, draw the conclusion that what you believed to be true or accurate may not be at all . . . There could be another point of view or perspective that may fit the situation better . . .  The important thing is to study the cards and see beyond what is in front of you — allow your intuition to guide you . . . each card has subtle changes due to the position and the order of cards laid out . . . There could be other variables as well — it all brings depth and substance to your readings the more you practice and sit quietly contemplating the cards . . . 

It Really Doesn’t Matter Which Tarot Deck You Choose To Use

The important thing is that you are working with the Tarot cards and learning their meanings — not as a rote exercise, but because you’re truly understanding the meanings of each card. Some, you’ll find you’ll learn easier than others. It could be the card’s concept that may be a bit difficult, but the more you work with your cards, the better you’ll remember the meanings and even some of the substitlies that may have escaped you on other occasions. It is a process. It takes however long or short as it takes. You’ll be pleased after your studies that you took the time to do what was necessary to learn.

Have fun finding Tarot cards that appeal to you. I would suggest you use one that is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition of Tarot. This is what all of my Tarot decks are based on — there could be a few variations with wands being fire or cups being water, but everything else is easy enough to work through. The thing is, once you learn your keywords, it doesn’t matter what Tarot deck you use, you’ll be able to read them. That is truly going to be a day worth celebrating!

Thanks for stopping by! I do hope this was helpful to you.