Of All The Wonderful Tarot Decks Available, I Would Like To Know What You Like

I speak of my favorite Tarot decks and am always looking for something new … but it is more important to me to know what you like. 

I’m finding I’m not so much about finding something new, but working with what I have available to use.

I have been watching many Tarot readers who address current events. I think this is fine and wonderful for them and for those who are interested. I am more interested in how they read the cards than with the current issues of the day. 

I Listened To A Tarot Reader The Other Day Who Spoke About How Tarot Reading Is Intuitive

I agree … Reading Tarot is more than knowing the meaning of each card. There is the placement and how cards interact along with that placement … For me, it is a feeling I get from viewing a spread of cards … There is a story or a message …

I believe the more we work with our favorite Tarot cards, the more we learn and become familiar with them. It’s almost like visiting with a friend — exchanging thoughts and ideas …

I would like to receive your thoughts about Tarot and your favorite Tarot decks. Leave me a message below in the commebnts.

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