The Cook’s Tarot

I bought this Tarot Deck back in 2019 and have been using it mainly during November — it makes me think of Thanksgiving. This is by Shiffer Publishing, Ltd. It was released in 2015, so it has been around for quite some time.

As you will see from the video below that these cards are big. I do find them a bit difficult to handle, but that isn’t the reason why I don’t use them every day. I do gravitate for certain Tarot decks depending upon my inquiries or how I happen to feel on a particular day.

I do enjoy the bold colors. I think this deck would lose quite a lot of its great essence if it was made smaller. But that is only my opinion.

I was quite surprised that I enjoyed the artwork as much as I did and I have read the Guidebook cover to cover. There is a lot of useful information on the 160 pages.

I also appreciated the humor some of these Tarot cards express. For example, The Chariot is a shopping cart — I do wonder if it has a tweaked wheel that makes the cart go wonky as you’re going down the aisle.

If You’re Reading For Fun Or Doing A Reading For A Friend, The Cook’s Tarot Is A Great Deck To Use

There is truly something comforting about a kitchen. Some believe it is the heart of the home. Now, I’m not a great cook, but I remember spending hours in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother — especially in the preparation for special events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. And, when you host a party or attend a party, have you noticed how often you end up with a group of people who gravitate to the kitchen?

There is comfort there and there is also comfort found in this Tarot Deck. So, I believe it would be an excellent deck to bring out to introduce others to Tarot. We do want people to feel comfortable and also have cards that are relatable to others. The Cook’s Tarot is such a deck.

I do enjoy the bold colors and the large size of the cards. Yes, they are a bit difficult for me to handle, but I’ve found a way to make them work for me. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

This deck follows the Rider-Waite-Smith format which I enjoy and am most familiar with. I am thrilled to have it and believe it would be a great addition to your Tarot Collection, but maybe not . . . depending upon the types of Tarot Card Themes you’re interested in collecting.

I may have started with a particular theme, but it blossomed into quite a unique collection. I sometimes wonder why, but I’m pleased with the Tarot Decks I have. And, it may seem strange, but in some ways, I believe some of these decks have chosen me.

BoneFire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West is a quirky Tarot deck that follows the Ride-Waite-Smith format.

It is published by Shiffer Publishing, Ltd. and was released in 2016. The artwork is unique — inspired by the vintage, old-school tattoo flash of Sailor Jerry Collins. Now, I’m not into tattoos — it could be due to being in an older generation, but I do love this Tarot deck. The cards are large. Initially, I was quite intimidated by this deck, but it is excellent for intuitive readings. 

This deck is great for November and throughout the entire year. I do love it!

The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland and published by RED Feather 

These cards are also large, but this is “your path to self-discovery through cosmic symbolism.” I do love this deck and believe it was chosen for me to reconnect with my soul’s purpose.

I’m finding I’m transitioning with a couple of my other websites to make them more relevant to my interests and to express my personal growth over the years. However, one of my websites is fairly new and I’m already deciding to change the niche. I haven’t quite decided yet, but it is in the serious stage of being dramatically changed.

I bring this up while discussing The Star Tarot, not that this deck told me to change my niche — I wish it would be that easy and tell me exactly what niche to choose . . . but it is more of a process of looking deeper . . . looking at the possibilities and the mysticism of it all . . . and the vastness of the universe or several . . . to truly experience the wealth of the mystery of it all . . .

There is truly something magical about The Star Tarot . . . I’m very pleased I purchased it and have it available to use this month and for many months and years to come.

October Is A Much Easier Month To Decide Upon Tarot Decks — Go With A Spooky Or Halloween Theme, But November . . . 

I thoroughly enjoy this festive time of year. The weather is getting cooler to colder. I’m pleased fall has arrived and moving into winter. This is all about the holidays. Family and friends gathering to share good food and a wonderful opportunity to get caught up on special events and sharing . . . And I do enjoy looking at the stars at night. It is so very peaceful.

For me, Tarot is a tool. I also see my Tarots Decks as old friends. I’m on this journey of self-exploration. I want to be all that I can be and to explore all the possibilities of what there is to learn. I’m into learning and exploring. Life is fluid. We need to flow right along with whatever comes our way.

I’m fairly new in my Tarot studies. I’ve been building websites since 2014. So, things changed for me during that time. I will always have an interest in the paranormal and supernatural and mystical and whatever else those words bring to your imagination . . . and mine. I am curious about so much. That may be why my Tarot Deck Collection is a bit unique and somewhat quirky . . . 

I do thank you for stopping by. I would appreciate your thoughts on Tarot and the types of decks that you prefer. I would find that quite interesting.


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