I’m Always Amazed By What The Tarot Creators Have Invisioned For Their New Creations

The Vice Versa Tarot is quite unique with the front and back of the images being depicted. This deck does follow the traditional Rider-Waite formate making it easy for beginners and those familiar with that formate. Rider-Waite is my comfort level — It’s how I learned and my “go-to” formate. Just a personal preference. 

Exploring The Vice Versa Tarot

I enjoy looking at different decks of Tarot cards before I purchase them. Of course, it’s important to read the reviews, but what you see seems to capture your imagination or not. Much depends upon what you’re looking for in your Tarot decks. For some it is the artwork, for others it’s all about the colors and issues with cardstock and borders, matt or glossy finishes . . . etc. Let’s take a look!!

The Vice Versa Tarot Artwork Is Outstanding

The concept of the 78-card Tarot deck has now doubled in this deck to 156 cards . . . Oh my! It could give you a more indept reading . . . or muddy the waters a bit . . . Yet, intuitively, it seems that it would give depth to your readings — the backs of the cards give a different perspective that may allow an issue or inquiry to become more clear or directed. 

I don’t believe this is a deck for beginners . . . yet a beginner may really relate to these cards and they may make more sense to them than the traditional. In many respects I believe Tarot decks choose us rather than our choosing them. We’re drawn for a reason . . . Maybe a reason we can’t articulate . . . But a reason nevertheless that we know deep within . . . 

I hope this was informative and gave you food for thought . . . maybe explore other videos — perhaps a walk-through . . . It is a beautiful deck, one that has captured my imagination.

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