I Am So Into The Autumn Season And Trick Or Treating Is The Icing That Makes This Season So Enjoyable!

I am instantly drawn to Halloween but more importantly Tarot decks by Llewellyn Publications and the author Barbara Moore. I have quite a few of her Tarot creations and would love to have Trick Or Treat Tarot in my collection as well.

I like Tarot decks that follow the Rider-Waite-Smith Tradition. I enjoy bringing seasonal fun to my Tarot study. Although this is a Halloween-themed Tarot deck, it can be brought out throughout the year — who wouldn’t want to bring some Halloween magic to Christmas or Easter or those long hot days of summer.

The image above is not one of the deck’s Trick Or Treat Tarot cards. It was just one of my favorite images I like to share from time to time during this wonderful time of year or when I’m feeling a bit mystical . . .

I do love the ghostly apparition gliding down the stairs . . . and I do love a cauldron . . . I sometimes wonder if I had been a witch in a former or perhaps future incarnation . . . Life is so fluid, it may be possible we are existing on multiple planes of existence simultaneously . . .

I hadn’t planned to purchase another Tarot deck — goodness, I remember purchasing Deviant Moon Tarot and thinking that was it . . . Then I made another purchase with Star Tarot and Phantasma Tarot. And here I am making another purchase — yes Trick Or Treat Tarot is in my cart to be coming my way in a day or so . . . Of course, I’m wondering what else would be a deck that I just can’t resist.

I have been revisiting many of my Tarot decks to familiarize myself with them once again. I remember making purchases primarily to build up my Tarot deck collection. Giving it some thought, but wanting a collection that would be a bit unique . . . or just different . . . Yes, I did have a theme of witches and wizards . . . I also went for the ghosts and haunted house genre . . . and had some fun with Steampunk and Mystical Manga and Tarot In Wonderland. There are some wonderful decks in my collection and many waiting to be purchased. With new ones coming out all of the time.

Trick Or Treat Tarot To Kick Off The Halloween Season In Style

Lisa Papez has such wonderful energy and her enthusiasm about this Tarot deck makes me want to run out and purchase it. But . . . You control yourself and enjoy the walk-through and decide for yourself if Trick Or Treat Tarot is right for you and your collection.

I’m not all that excited about the Halloween Tarot deck I have, but I know it has value and it is my job to make it work for me — I truly believe I don’t make mistakes when I purchase Tarot cards. They are chosen for me to use when I’m ready to use them and to receive the full value they have to offer me. I have, in the past purchased a deck or two that I did return, mainly due to a card or two being missing — not that I decided later I didn’t like the artwork or the energy of the cards. I just knew if they came to me damaged or incomplete, that particular deck was not meant for me.

Well, I’ve rambled on for a bit, let’s sit back and have a pleasant cup of tea with Lisa as she guides us through Barbara Moore’s Trick Or Treat Tarot.

What Do You Think? Is Trick Or Treat Tarot Going To Find A Home In Your Tarot Deck Collection?

I truly do love this Tarot deck. I can see using it throughout the year. I do feel the Tarot cards pretty much tell us which deck to use for particular sessions either for ourselves or others. I like to ask the Tarot what message there is that I need to hear. At times this is a bit scary, but it is for my good and I hold my breath and shuffle the cards and select the spread I’m supposed to follow. Then the true wisdom flows . . .

I’m Obviously A Big Fan Of Barbara Moore And Have Several Of Her Tarot Decks

You may be familiar with many of these as well — they may be in your personal Tarot deck collection . . . Or you may be looking for one that completely grabs your imagination.

As I Said Earlier, I’ve Been Revisiting Some Of My Previously Purchased Tarot Decks . . . Wizards Tarot Has Captured My Attention Along With Mystical Manga And Tarot Of Wonderland

I’ve been checking out Wizards Tarot lately because I’m fascinated by the concept of wizards, magicians, sorcerers, witches, warlocks . . . maybe even gargoyles . . . and all that magical mystical stuff. 

One thing I noticed going through the deck was how the manufacturer packaged it — The Major Arcana and then for the Minor Arcana it had the Aces — beginning with the Wands, then Cups, followed by Swords, and Pentacles. Then the Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Nines, Tens, Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings. It’s interesting how these cards are together in the book as well. I was thinking it would be a great way of learning and distinguishing the subtleties between the suits.

I’m not especially pleased by the color of the design on the back of the cards, but I don’t spend that much time looking at the back of the Tarot decks. I will also note that my Guidebook cover did separate from the rest of the book. I may need to glue it in place or just be careful with it in the future. These two minor issues aren’t a deal breaker for me — goodness I bought this deck 2 years ago . . . a bit late to be complaining about it.

Mystical Manga is in the style of Japanese graphic novels. You do feel as though you’re on an adventure to discover the various mystical opportunities that may appear before you. This is a fun deck that is easy to use since it follows the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition of Tarot. Yet, it does seem to offer so very much more . . . As the publisher says, “It will delight your mind and speak to your soul.” It is definitely worth looking into. You don’t have to be a Manga fan to get the full impact or value from this deck. It either grabs your imagination or it doesn’t. The same is true for any Tarot deck on the market.

Tarot In Wonderland is all about curious delights . . . This is a wonderful deck for allowing your intuition to guide you through your readings. It does follow the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition and also the adventures of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. If you’re a fan of Alice’s various adventures, then this is truly a deck for you. And, even as with me I have a nodding understanding of the storyline, but not a real fan of the story, but I did like the white rabbit and the tea party — the mad hatter . . . maybe some other characters amused me enough to grab a copy of this Tarot deck. I find it fun to bring out from time to time. I do love the artwork.

I Didn’t Mean To Ignore Steam- punk Tarot Also A Barbara Moore Creation

I originally got into Steampunk when I was doing paper crafts. I must admit I didn’t know a lot about steampunk, but I soon got into it . . . Perhaps even imagining myself as a time traveler in an age where hot air balloons were an active mode of transportation.

I especially liked the turn-key concept of robotics . . . so not automated as today but with a turn-key . . . I do believe there is something to be said about the old ways . . . They were extremely clever.

Steampunk Tarot is where the past and the future converge . . . An interesting concept . . . I do like the clockworks-type of feel with the turning of a wheel and the spinning of a cog . . . gears and levers . . . There is a bit of retooling to the deck from the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, but it is all good. We have in Steampunk Tarot: man and machine, nature and technology, science and alchemy, and romance and fashion.

The Guidebook is great in card interpretation as well as giving you tips and spreads to use in your daily Tarot activities.

I would say Steampunk Tarot is not for beginners, but I’m wondering what is a good beginner deck. I would think it captures your attention and gets you involved in the cards, the guidebook, and the messages on a regular consistent basis. If Steampunk Tarot does that for you, and this is the one deck you must have, then by all means go for it. You’ll be learning as you go along.

Well, We’ve Had Quite A Tarot Adventure . . . It’s Now Time To Return To Our Focal Tarot Deck — Trick Or Treat Tarot

What do you think? I know I already asked that . . . Have you decided? Maybe one of the other decks is more to your liking . . . Or you may want to click one of the images and go off on your own to discover the absolute best Tarot deck for you . . . or maybe you are thinking of getting a Tarot deck as a gift for someone special . . . There is always a reason for giving a gift . . . or no real reason other than it was something you wanted to do . . .

I have decided to purchase Trick Or Treat Tarot. I’m hesitating as to what other deck or decks I just have to have. I doubt Amazon cares, but I sometimes feel foolish when I make a purchase and five minutes later make another. Then the next day make another. I know, even when we purchase things together they may have different delivery dates and times. They come from many different warehouses. I’m confident Amazon has it all worked out . . . I always get my purchases as promised. It’s just a personal thing that I like my purchases to be tidy . . . not strung out . . .

Trick Or Treat Tarot is a fun deck. I especially like The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana — You do see The Fool starting out to Trick Or Treat with an empty container and then in the end with the World card we see The Fool once again in costume with a full container of sweet treats from the Trick Or Treating adventure.

This is a wonderful Tarot deck that doesn’t disappoint me in the least. I do like the Minor Arcana is true to form as well. This is a fun deck as I said before and will be a great addition to my Tarot deck collection.

There are some wonderful costumes in this deck — I do love how there are family images of having the parents engaged with their children in the Halloween fun. Trick Or Treating is a fun activity kids like doing with their friends, but it is always comforting to have Mom or Dad nearby . . . and in costume . . .

I do thank you for stopping by!


I Find It Quite Amazing How Amazon Can Take An Order And Deliver It on The Same Day! This Is What Happened And I Have Trick Or Treat Tarot To Use And To Enjoy! 

I believe an interview with Trick Or Treat Tarot is in order.

1. What do I need to know about Trick Or Treat Tarot?

The Wheel Of Fortune — Evolvement. Good Fortune . . . Opportunities will reveal themselves in time. 

I do view this card as ever-changing circumstance. turning the tables in my favor. Actions lead to shifts in position. So, as with life, this Tarot deck is fluid and will change as actions and circumstances change or present themselves.

2. What are your strengths as a Tarot Deck?

Ace of Pentacles — Discovery, New Involvement With Skills And Services . . . Improvement to a situation.

I view this card as progress, sincerity, focus, and involvement. All positive attributes in order to feel confident when seeking The Tarot’s advice.

3. Are we a good fit in a working relationship?

I am taking several deep breaths as I ask this question. 

Five of Wands — Stimulation, Scattered Energy . . . A time of tense feelings can bring disruption.

Oh my goodness! I was feeling anxious about this question and Tarot picked up on it. I believe this is proof that Trick Or Treat Tarot is definitely the best deck for me — We will have a good working relationship . . . I just need to stay calm.




I have no more interview questions. I am feeling confident about Trick Or Treat Tarot and would like to see what message Tarot has for those of you who are reading this . . .

I selected three cards:

1. Four of Wands — The time is right to remain as is.

2. Four of Pentacles — A time to enjoy reliable routines and settings.

3. The Hermit — Solitude will open doors of insight.

I’m getting a sense that everything is fine in your life and you need to enjoy what you have and with quiet moments will gain insight if that is what you seek. The Four of Wands is viewed by many as a celebration. It is a time to celebrate that all is well.

I do like Trick Or Treat Tarot and I encourage you if you’re so inclined to purchase a Halloween-themed Tarot deck to seriously consider this one. 

Take a look at the video again to view each and every card. You will get a true sense as to whether this deck is for you or not. I love walk-throughs for that very reason.

Once again I thank you for stopping by! I hope my short interview was informative as well as the three card reading. No matter what is going on with your life, this is a time to stop and wait . . . That’s basically the message.


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