The Key Is To Be The Type Of Tarot Reader You Admire Most

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been watching many Tarot readers. I’ve found I’ve learned much from them and also about their style … Some of which I’m not all that impressed … They’re excellent readers, but just not to my preference.

I enjoy readers who are confident … Thus bringing me to become confident in them … But the thing to remember is that Tarot is fluid — Just like life … One change in behavior or circumstance can bring an entirely different outcome … Something to think about …

So if you’re inquiring about a particular project you’re doing and find your reading telling you that it’s not going to work out for you … Or even that it is …. but you’re not feeling confident about it — Perhaps there are changes and adjustments you’re making that will bring a positive outcome … changes perhaps you’re not aware you’re making … I do see the Tarot as a tool that may see things differently than I do at the time of the reading … It is something to think about.

I’m Very Much Into The Intuitive Tarot Reading … But I Believe It Is Important To Have A Basic Foundation By Which To Proceed

Ethony has a series of videos I’d like to share with you. 

I’ve shared many videos over the course of this website … I’m learning and during my studies I’m finding quick is not necessarily the best way … I’m always starting over to a degree … My goal is not to cling to the instruction manual, but to know … This does take time and practice … 

Manybe now I’m truly ready to get serious and stop playing around …

Ethony’s Introduction To Tarot And Oracle Cards


Ethony’s Tarot For Beginners Part 2


Ethony;s Beginners Tarot Part 3


Ethony’s Beginners Tarot Part 4


Ethony’s Beginner Tarot Part 5


Ethony’s Tarot For Beginners Part 6


Ethony Gives Us Permission To Decide For Ourselves How To Approach Tarot 

We must resonate with our Tarot Deck as well as with the approach we decide to use … I go for the Rider-Waite approach and select decks that reinforce this format … But you may relate to something different …

Do and use what is best for you … 

Ethony has given us a lot of resources and information that will help you decide what is best for you … Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to go through the videos that interest you …


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