Taking A Look At The Tried And True Tarot Deck Of The Wild Unknown

Intertwining artistry with ancient wisdom, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook unveils a mesmerizing journey into the enigmatic realms of nature and animals. With delicately hand-drawn cards that evoke contemplation, this 78-card deck awakens the soul to the mysteries that lie within. Accompanied by a captivating 200-page guidebook adorned with exquisite hand-lettering and illustrations allows you to immerse yourself in the profound meanings of the major and minor arcana, as well as the four suits. Discover a transformative experience that transcends the mere realms of divination, inviting you to embark on a sacred exploration of self.

A Wonderful Look At What You Get — And To See If This Deck Is For You

Kim Krans Has Done The Artwork And Has Handwritten The Guidebook As Well

The Wild Unknown Tarot Was Released In 2016 — I’m Taking A Look At Many Different Tarot Decks To Discover What Resonates With Me

Tarot is a journey as is life — it seems fluid and ever-changing to me. I’m fine with the changes to the court cards instead of Page, Knight, Queen and King, we have Daughter, Son, Mother and Father. This deck follows the Rider-Waite tradition which I enjoy and prefer.

This is a lovely Tarot Deck. I’m not sure how I feel about this deck. Fortunately, you make up your own mind whether The Wild Unknown is the deck you’ve been waiting for.

I do thank you for stopping by!


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