I Can Imagine How Difficult It Is To Create A Tarot Deck . . .

Ashawnee DuBerry and Coni Curi must have started with a theme — “Fierce Women” . . . You’re invited to tap into the Divine Feminine Energy. By so doing, you’ll be reclaiming Tarot as a tool for “self-care, spiritual growth, and self-actualization.” The publisher’s description goes on to explain that “Tarot was created during a time when the patriarchy maintained tight control over the roles that women were allowed to assume, and as a result most decks overlook the rich religious and spiritual status women have held throughout history. The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot is a complete reimagining—it’s what happens when we open up every card in the deck to feminine energy. True sisterhood is about coming together in a sacred space to support one another—no matter how you identify.”

You can judge for yourself as you view the Tarot cards in the video.

Sadly, I’m Not At All Impressed

I don’t like the artwork and the flimsy cardstock. The images were to resemble vintage posters . . . perhaps they do, I just don’t like the style. It seems lately that many of the decks I’ve looked at don’t thrill me. But it’s not whether I like a particular Tarot deck or not . . . do you?

I do like that it follows the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith format. They went with French Titles . . . That’s fine. 

This deck isn’t one I’ll be adding to my personal Tarot collection.

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