Grunge Tarot

The word “grunge” brings an image of something that is unclean or shabby. In the 1990’s cultural essence — music, fashion, lifestyle . . . A music style out of Seattle — giving off a raw rock jibe . . . If you grew up in the 1990’s and can relate to this, then this is the Tarot deck that will speak volumes to you . . .

Let’s take a wonderful walk through this Tarot deck to give you a thorough look at what Grunge Tarot is all about. I find these walkthroughs beneficial when I’m deciding whether to purchase a Tarot deck or not. Decide for yourself.

I’m Sorry, But Grunge Tarot Doesn’t Appeal To Me

I sometimes like quirky Tarot decks. They use bold colors and a unique artistic style. Grunge Tarot does follow the Rider/Waite structure of a 78-card deck. These cards are larger than most standard sized cards, they have a matt finish and use a thick cardstock.

The “Grunge” theme may appeal to those who grew up in the 1990’s and that era was very much an influence upon their life. “Grunge” doesn’t mean unclean or shabby, but refers to the raw rock music style that came out of Seattle.

I was intrigued by the description given by Sterling Ethos Publishing: “A grain of truth can exist anywhere, even in the pockets of an old, checkered shirt, backstage at a concert, or in the doubts and vulnerability of adolescence. Starting from Grunge, this deck of cards aims to recreate the atmosphere of the restlessness of the era, highlighting the search for identity among extremes. It is the dreamy and transgressive imagination of the Fool that begins every path, ready to lose himself or be redeemed.”

Adolescence does seem to be our most vulnerable time of life . . . Always searching for answers . . . Also, throwing caution to the wind and trying out new things . . . not thinking of the consequences . . . or caring or knowing about them . . . A time to spread one’s wings and explore the possibilities . . .

This deck was released December 14, 2021, so it’s fairly new. I find it refreshing how Tarot creators and publishers have embraced many new concepts to make Tarot more appealing to everyone — culturally, ethnically, socially and generationally. 

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