Released July 10, 2023!!

I’m feeling quite drawn to The Mind’s Eye Tarot with its 172-page Guidebook. It does follow the Rider-Waite-Smith Format. The illustrations are quite unique and colorful. 

One’s imagination could indeed delve into an uplifting and peaceful realm. This is quite relaxing — something I believe is important when doing readings for yourself and others or as you continue on your personal Tarot Journey.

I’ve included a  number of The Mind’s Eye Tarot cards throughout this post along with a full walkthrough video.

I believe it is essential for you to get as much information as possible before deciding to purchase this Tarot Deck. All the images are linked to where you can privately and securely purchase The Mind’s Eye Tarot.

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As I Stated Earlier, I’m Drawn To This Deck!!

This is usually not my style, but I suppose we don’t really know our style until it is presented to us. And, of course, there will be variations, and over the course of time our tastes and styles may change . . .

Introducing Olivia Rose, a talented UK artist with a captivating blend of Scottish and Jamaican heritage. From a young age, Olivia’s passion for the arts ignited, inspired by her mother’s expertise in fashion illustration. Using traditional materials like markers, ink, and watercolors on watercolor paper, Olivia showcases her self-taught skills, honed further through animation studies in university. Her latest creation, The Hearts Eye Oracle, reflects her profound interest in the ocean, nature, and fantasy creatures. By studying natural forms like shells, mushrooms, coral, and fossils, Olivia weaves a captivating tapestry of illustrations that transport you to a whimsical realm. With her artwork showcased across the UK, America, China, and Malaysia, Olivia Rose invites you to experience a world brimming with artistic wonder.

Explore this mesmerizing and enchanting Tarot Deck by Olivia Rose through the images provided and the full walkthrough video. The Mind’s Eye Tarot was created with tea and gold ink, each card showcases stunning artwork that will captivate your imagination. Whether you’re an experienced tarot reader or just starting your journey, these 78 borderless cards invite you to explore the depths of your emotions and connect with the profound symbolism of tarot. The gold gilt-edged, linen finish cards add a touch of elegance, while the accompanying 172-page illustrated guidebook provides valuable insights for comprehensive readings. Unlock the mysteries of the tarot and embark on a transformative experience with this extraordinary deck.

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