Yes, This Tarot Deck Is Definitely Macabre — It’s Downright Creepy!

I don’t mind that it comes in a coffin-shaped box. That’s kind of a cool thing, actually. I’m not so much into the “dark side” of life and stuff. I know such things exist, but I prefer not to dwell upon it . . . Samatha West and Rockpool Publishing invite you to “turn away from the light and embrace the dark.” I have to say “No thank you.”

The card images are macbabre and disturbing to my taste. I like Halloween and Ghost Stories . . . I’m not into Horror!! That just takes things a bit too far for me. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to Tarot and the decks they choose. I go for things a bit lighter . . . You decide what is best for you and for your collection.

The Macabre Tarot was released December 31, 2021. The cards follow the traditional Tarot structure encouraging you to delve into the spooky things that hide in the shadows and go bump in the night. The suits are Crystals, Cups, Bones and Daggers. There is a warning: “This deck is not for the lighthearted or weak-spirited.”

What Are Your Thoughts?

The box is really wonderful with the creaking sound . . . That is a real plus!! The gold guilding sides of the cards is a nice touch. Some of the cards from the walk-through are quite nice . . . and then there are others . . . I suppose in most Tarot decks we find some images we don’t like, but that doesn’t necessarily spoil the whole deck for us . . .

For me, Macabre Tarot is just too macabre for me. I don’t know if I’d like it in my house . . . Yet I have selected some Tarot Decks that may be a bit strange — I was drawn to Bonefire Tarot when I first started studying Tarot. And, of course, there were all the witch-themed Tarot decks I bought. I do have a strange selection . . . but I don’t see Macabre Tarot as being part of it.

Thank you for stopping by! Please me a comment about this deck or those Tarot decks you have in your personal collection.