This is definitely a quirky Tarot Card Deck . . . I don’t want to ruin the truly quirky nature of this deck — You’ll see once you click on the video. This is a deck worth exploring. I find it interesting to see a variety of Tarot Decks in order to decide what is best for me and for my personal collection. I never know what is going to resonate with me. Be sure to view the video.

What Do You Think?

What you think is much more important than what I think . . . except since this is my review, I’ll tell you my thoughts . . . Initially, I was impressed by the packaging. I think it’s great that the creators took the time to design a recipe card box . . . It’s retro, dating back to the 1950’s or so . . . This can have an appeal to some . . . It is a quirky deck . . . It seems fun!! 

This is not a Tarot deck I would purchase. I’ve bought so-called quirky decks — it just seems The Housewives Tarot doesn’t have a whole lot of substance to it. Or I’m missing something significant.

It doesn’t give me a sense of “home” or nostalgia. I see it as very generic and boring. Although, it supposedly is following a theme of housewives, I don’t especially see it, feel it nor relate to it.

It’s published by Quirk Books. The authors are Jude Buffum and Paul Kepple. The introduction says, “infused with the spirit of Leave It to Beaver.” I don’t see it!! I don’t remember the emphasis on being martini cocktails. It was a family program about a young man growing up in the 1950’s with an older brother, a stay-at-home mom and a dad that went to work every day. 

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