This Fall Season Is Quite Exciting!

I enjoy the falling leaves and the cooler temperatures. It would be excellent to have that brisk chill in the air, especially at night. I am so much into the Halloween season and the big trick or treat thing . . . but also respecting the night . . .

The Guardian of the Night Tarot is a global collection of animal energy that will guide us through this wonderous journey. It is remarkable how each and every Tarot deck brings its own mystical energy into the mix of life and the abundance of possibilities.

An animal deck is always exciting and a great way to connect with nature.

This deck does follow the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith format which I enjoy and find works best for me and my Tarot study.

The Guardian of the Night Tarot’s guidebook is full of animal stories which allows you to find the beauty along your path with these archetypal creatures. The artwork is vivid and detailed which makes intuitive readings much more meaningful and inspirational.

Crow Tarot Is The First Tarot Deck Designed By MJ Cullinane

Crow Tarot is quite a popular deck but I believe The Guardian of the Night Tarot is much more beautiful and better made — could be the difference in publishers — Crow Tarot is by US Games Systems and The Guardian of the Night is by Hay House Inc.

The cards are a bit large for my hands, but they display the pictures nicely and make it easier to see the symbols and nuances for intuitive readings. The cardstock quality is better in this deck than in the earlier one, It is all a matter of personal preference as is glossy or matt finish — the latter is what I prefer, but isn’t a game changer if I do like the Tarot deck.

As my study of Tarot progresses and my Tarot Deck Collection grows, I’m finding my tastes have changed a bit from my original preferences and thoughts about Tarot and Tarot Decks.

My initial introduction to Tarot was the Rider-Waite Tarot with the small white guidebook. I did appreciate the structure and the depictions as representations of the archetypes and wanted to immerse myself in this realm to understand it better.

I did turn to YouTube and all the wonderful Tarot enthusiasts I met there through their channels. And the many walk-through videos I watched to begin building my collection. Many on their recommendations and from what I saw.

I Wasn’t Into Tarot Decks With Animals Originally — But I Later Found That Each Tarot Deck Has Something Different To Offer . . .

Of course, we choose which Tarot Decks appeal to us, for whatever reasons. Some may be just an attraction to a particular deck that is difficult to explain. It could be a deck that makes you feel happy or some other comfortable feeling. Whatever that may be is a beautiful thing. It is wonderful to connect with a Tarot Deck.

There are times when out of the blue you may decide to purchase a new Tarot Deck. It could be something that you read or saw that made you want it. I found I bought a Tarot Deck just recently on a whim — and I’m delighted I did.

I’m finding as I’ve gotten more serious about Tarot, how my tastes have changed and grown. I also don’t need to justify my choices. That may be a strange thing to say, but we don’t need to explain why a particular Tarot deck is in our collection. It’s there because it is meant to be. It could be a step in the process . . . does it really matter? Perhaps only to you . . .

I remember buying a particular Tarot Deck based on the recommendation of someone I saw presenting it on YouTube. She did have a chat session and I told her I bought that deck based on her video . . . I learned from her that night that she no longer has that Tarot Deck — it wasn’t right for her . . . This did give me pause. How can one recommend a Tarot Deck and then give it away or not use it . . . 

I Will Admit That I Stopped Following That Particular Person After That . . . Childish, I Know . . .

That is one reason why I ask you what you think — which is much more important than what I think or believe. I try to present Tarot Decks in such a manner that you can decide for yourself whether it is a deck you want and will use. You’re either attracted to it or not.

And, in the case of the one I bought on the recommendation — I was attracted to that Tarot Deck . . . it both intrigued me and frightened me a bit — frightened insofar as being different from the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith format — some of the minor arcana names were changed which is really no big deal . . . maybe to some . . . It is a large deck with bold colors and images . . . something I stayed away from at the time. It didn’t fit the image of Tarot I was believing at the time.

So, at the time it was a good thing I bought it — recommendation or not. It was something I needed to experience on my personal journey in my study of Tarot. And, it is your personal journey. Your collection is based on so many factors I would be unable to list — and perhaps you would be unable to as well. We know what we like and what we don’t — We know what Tarot Deck is the next step for us . . . It will appear in our path in some miraculous way . . .

It always does.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please leave me a comment to tell me about your Tarot journey.


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