Released May 24, 2022

I never got into the Dungeons and Dragons thing, but I know it was and may still be quite popular. I am always happy to see new Tarot card releases. The creators and publishers are absolutely amazing!!

This 78-card deck aligns iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters and creatures with the Major and Minor Arcana of tarot.

This officially licensed tarot deck pays homage to the Dungeons & Dragons lore by pairing characters and encounters with the Major and Minor Arcana of Tarot. The characters of the Major Arcana align to the Rider-Waite tradition while the suits of the Minor Arcana are mapped to abilities within the game. The deck is beautifully illustrated with exclusive art. There is k also a booklet that introduces players to tarot, explains the meanings of the cards and includes prompts to add dynamic twists to your D&D experience. This is truly an excellent Tarot Deck for your friends and family who are D&D fans.

I’m not a real fan of the yellow and black — it kind of tweaks my eyes. That’s enough for me to give it a pass, but you make up your own mind as to the colors and how they appeal to you.

I do like the card stock and the feel of the cards. I also like the muted color pallet . . . All a matter of taste in what we like with our Tarot decks.

Maybe I would be more excited by this deck if I was more of a D&D fan . . . yet I don’t know . . . 

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