It’s Always Nice To Learn Something New

Recently I’ve been confused to read that the publisher of a particular Tarot Deck is Llewellyn, then there is a reference to Lo Scarabeo. I learned that Llewellyn is the exclusive distributor of Lo Scarabeo products in North America.

The Book of Shadows Tarot is made of two decks: As Above, exploring pagan beliefs and the divine world, and So Below, which explores how beliefs and energies manifest on the material plane. This kit includes both decks and the full color guidebook in a deluxe box with a magnetic closure.

Barbara Moore (Saint Paul, MN) has studied and read tarot since the early 1990s. She wrote the bestselling Tarot for Beginners and more than a dozen other books, and she has contributed to many bestselling tarot kits, including Mystical Manga Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Tarot In Wonderland and Shadowscapes Tarot. Barbara also works with clients and leads retreats and workshops all over the world.


The Book Of Shadows Complete Kit was released September 8, 2017.

There are two complete decks of 78 cards for a total of 156 cards. They are separate and are to be read separately. This is an interesting concept that may or may not work for you — You decide what is best for you.

I may not be ready to purchase this complete kit. I’m just glad I came across it. You can buy the decks separately.

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