Getting Back To Nature Anchoring Our Reality

Terra Botanical Plant Tarot is an Indie Made 78-card Deck With A Guidebook. The cards follow the Rider-Waite-Smith format beautifully illustrated in black and white. This would be a lovely addition to my growing Tarot collection — How about yours?

Plant Themed Illustrations depicting all major arcana and minor minor court cards are illustrated with meaningful plant allies. Number cards are thematic pips that relate to the element and meaning of the suit, allowing you freedom of interpretation.

This is a modern deck without all the fan fair and emotion. It is a way to get to the core essence of every inquiry you have. Nature does hold the answer. Without plants our planet could not exist — They subsist on water and sunlight. They perform an incredible alchemy that transforms air into living solid mass.

Terra Botanical Plant Tarot is truly a labor of love

This is considered an intermediate level deck . . . Once you have the basic tools, you’re no longer a beginner.

This deck may grow with you — as you gain more confidence and insight. This is a must have deck!

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