New Release July 8, 2023.

Sink your fangs into the mysteries of life and seek out your darkest desires with this thrilling deck of vampire archetypes. These modern, nuanced, and deadly creatures will inspire you to unearth forgotten treasures within yourself. With Craig Maher’s captivating illustrations exploring themes of power, conflict, romance, and adventure, the eternal human story is told through the eyes of vampires. Accompanied by Charles Harrington’s 240-page companion book, this Rider-Waite-Smith-based deck opens your eyes to the wonders of life, death, and what it truly means to exist as an outsider in this world. Embrace the shadows and discover a new perspective that transcends the ordinary.

Vampires Are Quite Popular!

This is an excellent Tarot Deck to bring out during the Halloween Season. And, for those who enjoy everything “Vampire-related, this is an excellent match.

I love the artistic style within this Tarot Deck. It is quite inviting. I didn’t find this deck to be frightening or gross, It is quite tasteful and inviting.

Tarot Of The Vampires follows the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition which I prefer. It does make using different decks easy to interpret effortlessly. It also helps with daily reading practice with the ability to experience different Tarot Decks.

The deck is a bit dark, but not overly so. There is a section in the book for shadow work, if you’re into that. This Tarot Deck has quite a bit to offer. It does seem to be a good value for your money . . . but you decide whether Tarot Of The Vampires is for you.

Let’s Hear From Someone Who Is Truly Excited About Tarot Of The Vampires And Take A Detailed Look Inside The Box!

From The Video, You’ve Received A Very Clear Look At All 78 Tarot Cards!

I must admit, Vampires are not my thing, but this Tarot Deck is beautiful! I could get into this deck.

I find it quite refreshing to share different genres of Tarot Decks and see how they reflect both their genre and the essence of Tarot.

I do hope this was informative and useful to you. You may be looking for a new Tarot Deck, or you may just be curious as to what is new. I can enjoy many Tarot Decks, but I don’t necessarily need to buy them and have them in my collection. I just enjoy the vision and artistry of the various Tarot creators.

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