A January 8, 2023 Release Date.

Unlock the secrets of the mystical owl realm and unleash your intuition with Tarot of the Owls. This enchanting deck, featuring the captivating artwork of Elisabeth Alba and a comprehensive 224-page guide by Pamela Chen, invites you to connect with the four parliaments of the minor arcana, the unique members of the major arcana, and the regal owls of the court cards. Let the wisdom of these magnificent creatures empower you to overcome daily challenges and manifest the life you truly desire. Explore the depths of your intuition and spread your wings to soar into a world of magic and insight.

Introducing Tarot Of The Owls Tarot Deck to enhance your intuitive readings. Immerse yourself in the stunning artwork of each card, beautifully displayed on glossy, full-color designs. As an owl lover, you’ll be captivated by the intricate details of both the cards and their backs. Say goodbye to the struggle of memorizing literal meanings and hello to a deck that effortlessly guides your readings. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just starting, this deck makes it easy to interpret the story laid out on your table. Join countless happy readers who have made this deck their top 3 favorite. Get ready to unlock the wisdom of the owls and elevate your tarot practice.

Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside The Box

Tarot Of The Owls Seems To Be The Best Tarot Deck For The Autumn Season And Could Continue Throughout The Year


Discover the Tarot Deck that will awaken your intuitive gifts and set you free from guidebooks. With this stunning deck, you can confidently interpret card spreads all year round, unleashing the power of your intuition. Embrace the joy of connecting with each card’s wisdom and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Elevate your confidence and unlock limitless possibilities. It’s time to embrace the magic within.

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